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Posted 8/2/2017 6:19:13 PM
Supreme Being

Supreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme Being

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I placed a copy of this post here because it might be of some benefit
to someone planning, starting, or currently building a Bat Vehicle.

Shock Absorbers and Coil-Over Spring Calculations

There are many shock absorbers with coil-over spring plug in
calculators on line. The best I have found, so far, are related to the
Off-Road shock and spring guides.

One of the best is found at:

CRAWLpedia – The Off Road Encyclopedia

Twelve Off-Road Shock Guides

Performance off-road racing shocks, like those available from King,
Fox, and Bilstein, are designed to be easily rebuilt and custom tuned.
Our Shock Valving Guide and Shock Tuning Guide explain how shock
valving works and how shims are used to adjust compression and rebound

Crawlpedia Shock Shootout:
A detailed review of every major brand of performance off-road shocks.

ORI STX Struts Guide:
A complete guide to ORI STX Struts including setup and tuning instructions.

Shock Measurement Guide:
How to properly measure for a new set of shocks, coil-overs, or struts.

Coil-over Install and Setup Guide:
This detailed guide covers how to install and setup a new set of coil-overs.

Coil-over Spring Rate Corrections:
If your coil-over spring rates are off, this guide will show you how
to fix them.

Performance Shock Valving Guide:
A thorough explanation of how shocks and their internal components work.

Performance Shock Tuning Guide:
Detailed instructions on how performance off-road racing shocks are tuned.

Shim Stack Valving Examples:
Seven sample compression and rebound shim stacks from light to firm.

Race Shock Rebuild Instructions:
How to service and rebuild King Off-Road Racing shock absorbers.

Coil-over Spring Rate Calculator:
Find the proper coil-over spring rates for your vehicle with this calculator.

Hydraulic Bump Stop Guide:
Everything you need to know about hydraulic bump stops and jounce shocks.

Shock Oil Volume Calculator:
Estimate the amount of shock oil you need to refill your performance shocks.
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Posted 8/14/2017 7:05:21 PM
Supreme Being

Supreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme BeingSupreme Being

Last Login: Yesterday @ 7:19:59 PM
Posts: 1,352, Visits: 2,371
Now that we know and have proof that it existed, who out there is
going to step up and build the smallest Bat Vehicle?

Check out this two of a kind 1966 Batman Batcycle detachable go cart
independent powered vehicle.

We have all seen the 1966 Batcyle with sidecar for Robin but very few
remember that Robin’s side car could detach a mini go cart and drive
on its own.

A number of years back, one of the two Batcycle sidecar go carts that were built in
1966 by Richard “Korky” Korkes and Dan Dempski was sold at auction for
30,000.oo and today is estimated to be worth 100,000.oo.

The sidecar had a removable gas-powered go-kart that was deployed by
Robin. It was custom built and powered by a 55cc Yamaha engine. It had
motorcycle controls and a chrome moly steel frame.
Engine 55cc Yamaha
Carburetor Mikuni
Transmission Manual 3 speed
Ignition Electronic w/ push button start
Front wheels  5" Gar-Bro Wheel Co.
Rear wheels  5" Azusa
Tires Firestone Micro "500"  3.50-5
Brake  Airheart rear disc
Chassis construction Steel
Dimensions 55" x 25"

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