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Posted 8/3/2017 7:30:02 PM
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Mounted a 44" Super Swamped with a method used by some off roaders and many others to mount tires.
This is not a method recommended by anyone due to the danger and liability issues associated with the method. Most use the disclaimer: For Informational Purposes Only.

The story of my experience with this method is not a recommendation for its use. Though my experience turned out well, the method is dangerous by definition.
Used this method today to mount one of my Super Swamper tires on a test steel rim.
Tried it with the tire standing up but gas blow by prevented the bead from seating.
When I laid the tire on it's side the method worked like a charm.
Sprayed approximately 2 ounces of starter fluid past the unseated bead around inside the tire.
Waited a couple of minutes to allow the liquid starter fluid to vaporize.
Then put a wadded up piece of paper on the end of an eight foot section of old conduit.
Set the paper on fire and held the flame near the unseated bead.
Poof, as almost in slow motion the tire inflated from the expanding gases and the beads seated perfectly.
Note: One off road site reminded its viewers to make sure a valve stem was seated in the steel wheel to hold the gas pressure inside to hold the beads in place.
Many off road sites also remind their viewers to never lean over the tire/wheel and to always set off the starter fluid ignition with a flame at the end if a long piece of steel rod or pipe.
I inflated the tire to 25 PSI and took all the relevant measures to use in determining the appropriate dually spacing. vertigo
Mounting tires with starter fluid.
Here is a YouTube video for mounting the 44" inch Super Swamper with starter fluid.
Exploding Super Swamper Mount
There are thousands of videos that show the starter fluid method to mount all kinds of tires on line.

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