Why are you guys drawn into this particular batmobile?
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Why are you guys drawn into this particular... Expand / Collapse
Posted 8/11/2005 3:27:37 AM

You reap what you sow

You reap what you sow

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Yup, what he said

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Posted 8/11/2005 5:24:15 AM

Forum Guru

Forum Guru

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A little song, a little dance..... Batman's head on a lance.
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Posted 8/11/2005 7:38:52 AM

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For me it takes me back to being 10 years old and believing an ordinary man could be a superhero.
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Posted 8/11/2005 9:11:13 AM

"Andy Smith is my Hero".

"Andy Smith is my Hero".

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I saw the Kilmer car & a '66' in Keswick, England. In a place called "Cars of the Stars", along with many other vehicles (such as the Munsters hotrod, Mad Max's Interceptor, KITT & Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).

It was a cool car collection. But that was it.

Then I discovered that the guy who owned the collection (called Peter Nelson)had opened up a second place near Edinburgh, Scotland. Only 50 miles from where I live.

Took the kids along, and came across the 89 Anton Furst Batmobile.

I dont care if it's a movie car, or a replica. When you see this car in front of you, you just gotta smile. It is so impressive.

I dont care if it costs the earth, is too difficult to handle on the open roads, or if it takes me 5 years. I just gotta have one!

Keep going back just to look at her, She's worth the entrance fee alone.

"There is no end but the end is near!"
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Posted 8/11/2005 1:04:03 PM

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The "Train" would smash accross it? No , i dont see that happening, specialy when a car was built for looks alone. The 89 batmobile barely did anything without practical effects, like wires on those cars you say it smashes and flips on their roof... very impressif(there's even a pict of that on the board here). Look its nice to have a "flashy" car, but if it cant do anything for real, whats the point. I guess some people like non practical cars here. I dont know whats so batman about that car, besides having been named "batmobile" and been in a "batman" movie, its just not the real deal. Whats with the curves and smoothness, specialy the back fins...and come on , whats so cool about "clown trippers"?? I just find the 89 car looks like a life-sized toy! The car shell itself isnt made of tough material, fiberglass? Now how is that suppose to be menacing? We're talking about the real cars here, real structure. Forget what its "supposed" to do in the film. This is batman , not bruce wayne driving. Keep the smooth and fancy cars for the public life (bruce wayne). The guy has a war to fight where's he going to go with a quite long car that could be very hard to turn in some tight corners , it even showed that in a bat-film. He had to trow something around a pole to make a tight turn. Quite a good start. Face it, this is BATMAN and he's a very brutal guy and leads a rough fight , he really needs more a "TANK" than a rocket. Im sorry to bust your fantasies but i like the Tumbler better and i've seen just about too many absurd remarks about it. The batmobile is a tool , not a fancy distraction. Its supposed to care people away and look menacing, not make people fall in love with it. Tell me, reality check, all you people that have seen it in life are all drooling over it, now how could that be scary? Tumbler might be a ugly LOOKing car but its there for its practicality and use. The only thing the tumbler faked in the film was the roof jump and the way it opens. Those are the only "cheats" done, everything else the car does. The military tested this car, that alone has to say something because i dont remember them approving the old one. The 89 batmobile was only meant for the burton movies, only in a vision and city like in those two films would it actualy be "menacing". Also btw, for you "train" experts, i've never seen a train smash a car it two, a regular car just gets bent right in the middle and pushed in front of the train, but i havent seen ever a car get broken in two. Now imagine a reinforced "tank" .... i doubt its even gonna fold a bit. Have you ever seen a tank getting cut in half by a train.... i havent. When you make comparison about 89 being better than the Tumbler at least bring something solid to the table. It very lame to be all "oh this is a tough car (because i want it to be and it looks that way)" it flips cars upside down. Whats with these wires then? IMO b89 is just a regular car with a "turbine" in the middle as for the tumbler a "tank" with a real jet in the back. Im still surprised at how everyone gets excited everytime they see the same damn car over and over every possible angle. Dont you guys already know what it looks like, why do you keep asking for pictures? There's so many of them already...


from : http://www.cinescape.com/0/editorial.asp?obj_id=30847&aff_id=0&this_cat=Development+Heck

" Anyhow, the bat-mobile itself is a fully-working, 160mph capable assault vehicle that's been tested at a local UK Ministry of Defence site by a military test driver, as well as location shots in Prague (I think). It's been doing stunt jumps, and I understand that the rear jet is used to boost/stabilise here. Yep, that thing on the back works - my friend described seeing a heat haze that belonged, on further investigation, to the jet on the back of this thing being tested."

i know this makes you guys all happy;

This is my ideal batmobile;

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Posted 8/11/2005 2:26:04 PM

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"Im sorry to bust your fantasies but i like the Tumbler better and i've seen just about too many absurd remarks about it."

Then you won't mind one more...

Sorry to bust YOUR fantasies, but all that pretty metal on the Tumbler is lightweight aluminum sheet. Your turbine is fibreglass. At least our turkeyfeathers are metal. Would turn to tinfoil in a real world collision. So let's not get into the "those cars were on wires" discussion.

Debating "real world design contingencies (sp?)" is best left on BOTB where everyone is trying to make their Batsuits bulletproof so they can fight crime in their neighborhoods.

But we all here do appreciate your insights on the design aspect of the car and would love to hear more of your opinions as to why Nathan designed this or that. I'd like to hear your thoughts on his inspiration.

Do you know that that Zurian's inspiration for the Kilmer car was a dragon head. Yep! Nostrils, eyes, crowning fin, ears and teeth! All there, nothing to do with a Bat at all. Paint that car green and gold and you've got a Hong Kong parade float.


"Where does he get those wonderful toys?"
He MAKES them you idiot!
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Posted 8/11/2005 3:05:13 PM

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So I put the 'images' in between the googled link and was able to find 4 strange looking batmobile pics.

Me being new here I'm probably the only one not aware of this story. I don't believe I've ever seen the 4 pictures you are talking about. Could you point me to them or post them? Just curious to see what it looked like.

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Posted 8/11/2005 3:09:51 PM

"Tardmonkey of the Year"

"Tardmonkey of the Year"

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I miss Starlight. Can somebody track her down?

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Posted 8/11/2005 3:18:43 PM



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Just key in Canole Batmobile into Google images and you will see.
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Posted 8/11/2005 4:11:03 PM

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Actualy the Tumbler did real collisons during filming while the 89 one im not so shure about that and i very much dubt it. It hit a fence you say, well tumbler hit a fence, a "Wall" and a booth, add some more stuff to it , like running over a police car without any ramp. Try doing that with a low to ground "supercar". It would break its shiny looking turbine in a sec. And i do not care about some ridiculous design of the kilmer car. Seriously i just dont know why you so stuck to admit "yes this is a sleek and more look based car than pratical" , so you like shiney cars, at least just admit. Dont try to sell me on the 89 batmobile. Dont try to say im selling you on the Tumbler because all im doing is seeing everyone drool over a round shaped, sleek and curvy car. I prefer my 4X4 and you like your supercar. Its just like in real life, a ferrari versus a hummer, who do you think would win in a toughness battle? Its like comparing apples and oranges. So before you tell me your hero Anton Furst's (was he the builder?) car is better, try to compare it to something similar grounds, more like the BF and the B&R car. Tumbler stand on its own ! Also its not like i came in here and issed you favorite car. This is the "what you like about this car" thread and i said what i dont like about it. I know most of you like the car . If you dont want me to "attack" the car, well just quit taking cheap shot at the other car without any damn good reason or comparison. But me i told you why i prefer the other car. So stop taking it to the heart.

By the way , spare me the sarcarstic/angry remarks because its hard to make a conversation with someone that just doesnt care what you say. Instead of getting your ego in here, ignore what i say and admire the 89 pictures everyone post in here, while ill look for Tumbler ones! Call us even.

Nice coat!

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