Why are you guys drawn into this particular batmobile?
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Why are you guys drawn into this particular... Expand / Collapse
Posted 8/28/2004 11:25:46 PM
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Why not other cars like Bond cars or Knight Rider?
Why this car particular?

Is it b/c it's one of a kind and doesn't exist in real life?

For me, it's b/c I'm a huge batman fan and realization of a good movie + good batmobile have made a strong impression on me to this day.
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Posted 8/29/2004 12:10:11 AM
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im darwn to other cars just as much, i jsut like other cars for diffrent reasones, the reason i like the 89 batmobile, is to me its what i would see the ture dark knight driving, ever other batmobile is just to flash-e
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Posted 8/29/2004 1:49:06 AM
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its got stealth, its virtually invulnerable, jet powered, "chicks love the car"...what more could a guy ask for? When I think of batman i think of a man that can "strike fear into the hearts of men" with an awesome vehicle that is so powerful that it sends shivers down your spine...not winning their affection by flashy lights and publicity.
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Posted 8/29/2004 5:55:21 AM
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The one thing that this car has going for it is a truly out of time appeal. It is jet powered, yet the guages and displays are from an almost victorian era. The car has the classic lines of a vintage land speed car, it looks from the front kind of like the 1980 English land speed record holder Thrust 2 with a smaller turbine. For me it IS the Batmobile of choice, here's why.......

It's a brute, a bully... it's that dirty, large and smelly fat kid from the wrong side of the tracks that would always chase you and try to steal your bike when you were a kid. It looks hard as nails, it sounds hard as nails, it was as hard as nails. Nothing wobbled on it, nothing lit it up like a fourth of July carnival, and noone was going to to put a sign on it saying "please kick me, I suck." Check your back Joel... Verdict: The One TRUE Batmobile, God bless you Anton, rest in peace and thank you. File under " Filed here by mistake....."

The West car was good for it's time, BUT.... a bat is a creature of the night. I am sure that more people would warm to the West car if it had been driven more at night. The suspension was floaty and soft, and thus body roll was in the extreme. Finally it looses points for the red leather interior, open cockpit and red bat door logo's Verdict : A sixties classic that deserves to stay there, file under "Break glass only in case of emergencies or time travel."

The Kilmer car has quite a few things wrong with it... it looked... well... small. Also the fins wobbled on it clearly. The neon glow was a no-no, the lit wheel hubs were a no-no. The front lights reminded me of benny the cab from who framed roger rabbit... and finally, it didn't look like it could defend itself and looses points for the obvious lack of security features... if someone breaks into the batcave everything should shut down and be sealed off, NOT be fully open and ready to be driven away ( robin.. riddler, even aunt harriett could have stolen this baby.) Verdict : sadly...style over substance, a poor substitute for our beloved car. File under "break glass only as a last resort."

Now to the car you all really hate, the Day-Glow turbined, Cartoony Clooney car. The thing with this car is to take it as you see it right????? ...... errrrrr....NO.

With this car you have to admire it BEFORE Batman actually get's into it and turns on the christmas tree lights. The cockpit is as open as a 24 hour filling station, the plated silver has to be pretended not to be seen, it takes an absolute age to leave the cave, and is even slow enough that Robin's Redbird can catch it while it's still trying to leave.

You can all tell I really hate this car can't you, BUT I DONT. I actually think that this is the better successor to the Keaton car than the Kilmer version. For one thing, it has the longer looks of the Keaton Car. I also like the split afterburners. The back fin design is nice too, sure it would look better with a sealed cockpit, and the wheels less chromed, o.k. the car would look better with no chrome at all... and now, let's get to that Disney 20,000 leagues under the sea nautilus inspired turbine.

I really think that this is where they got the idea from, if anyone out there is expert enough to remodel and photoshop a picture of a proper custom turbine intake and not the current front end, I really think that people would warm to this design more. Maybe, just maybe... somewhere hidden under tarp, in some grunge infested warner warehouse is the version we should have had, with out the northern lights display hood. Verdict : A better car than people give it credit for, true it is let down by an aweful front end when in use, and that is usually enough for most, but for me better than the roadster Kilmer car and worth more attention, " File under break glass in the extreme chance of a body refit "

And finally we come to the Balemobile. Is this really a true Batmobile at all, it already has been named " The Tumbler." Well I am sure if they ever need another tank style vehicle for a new version of James Cameron's Aliens, here is where they should begin and end the search.

When this car was revealed after the false pictures were shown on other websites as the new car( you know who you are) Someone at warner's must have thought, " Shit, we better get some shots of the real car out there to stop people badmouthing the new film." Well mr. pressman, I gotta tell ya, I saw your picks, I saw the licence show reveal video, I even saw the chicago footage and the loading of it onto a trailer pictures.... and I think that this is the worst looking car EVER!!!!!

To me it looks like a Hummer that was hit by a train, the front is ugly, the sides are ugly, the back looks like the tyres are crapping the afterburner. Dude, this car is hippy haired geek girl, mouth Braces and milk bottle glasses ugly, is armageddon 2 being filmed and this is the new nasa armadillo??????

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Posted 8/29/2004 9:01:13 AM
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I couldn't have expressed it any better KC.
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Posted 8/29/2004 1:59:43 PM
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Funny thing about the false pictures of the new batmobile.

It was around 1 or 2 AM back in March 13th.
I was browsing through google image to find any pictures of the 1989 batmobile and the search brought up one of the picture from www.canole.com.
But when i clicked on the image, the link was broken.
But I checked the entire site at www.canole.com and figured out that the images were all located under images folder. So I put the 'images' in between the googled link and was able to find 4 strange looking batmobile pics.

I didn't know what to make of it, so I emailed the webmaster and asked what this batmobile was. Then I posted the pics on various websites with questions if these could be the new batmobile?
I posted on Brotherhood of the Bat, and Batman-On-Film and Super Hero Hype.
The guys at brotherhood of the bat had already seen it and thought nothing of it. Some guys at Batman on Film were commenting and thought it'd be fun to send it to Harry Knowles at Ain-It-Cool-News and I think it wide spread from there.

And then the rest is history. I think some other guys at SHH! contacted www.canole.com too and got the message out and that this wasn't the new batmobile.

Here is the email that I received from Chris Canole exactly the following morning all this hoopla began.

'I was commissioned to build the first fully functional
Batmobile for a Japanese client resulting in the vehicle you see on
my WEB site. The gentleman had a temporary contract with Warner
Brothers for one of the future Batman movies, but became impatient
and, well you know how this kind of Hollywood story ends.
As for the car, many people who saw the first two Batman
movies recognized their car could only go 30 m.p.h., so I had to
design a car that could reach 150! Imagine what it took...a 454
Supercharged Chevy Cheyenne engine and those boosters on the rear are
gas powered air conditioning jets like they use in gigantic buildings
like the NBC studios.
I sculpted the entire car out of surfboard foam glued to the
frame and David Coons of Coons Surfboards did the glassing. Total
time from start to finish was about three years.
I installed a Panasonic "talk back" computer system to give
the driver a car with an attitude.
As to where the car is now...who knows...maybe the Martian
Rover will come across it in the future.

Christopher Canole'

I don't think to this day (guess until now), Chris Canole knows that it was me who brought all this attention to him on that day.
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Posted 8/31/2004 3:46:04 PM
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It's because Batsey is riding in Gotham to run out the baddies, not going to Nopi.
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Posted 8/10/2005 3:21:06 PM

"Andy Smith is my Hero".

"Andy Smith is my Hero".

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I consider myself to be a normal guy.

A car to me, is just a way to get from A to B. I want a safe reliable vehicle thats practical and economical to run. End of story.

I was never "into" cars like some of my other friends.

However,the first time I stood next to an 89 Batmobile, my world changed.

I fell in LOVE with a car (cue Jerry Springer)

I have been back to see the car many times. Bought the 1/18th scale diecast. Took my friend & his kid to see her, cause he's into cars (any excuse) I even took my kids two weeks in a row cause it was Batman weekend(they got to sit in her) as another excuse.
My wife thinks I'm mad (she did already, so thats not a problem) because I keep talking about this car.

Since I came across this website, things have got worse.

Now I'm acually talking about what it would take to build one, how she would do on the road, what mod's would make it street legal, how I might come up with the cash (kidding about the last part, my wife has limits).

This is all thanks to this website and the JOKERS who run it, probably Anton Furst is guilty as well.

Sombody gotta stop me before it's too late!!!

In reality, like most things in life...It does'nt come down to luck, money or power (unlike Batman?). It comes down to PERSEVERENCE, SACRIFICE and DETERMINATION to get what you want.

If you can help others along the way, thats a bonus.

RESPECT to you all.

"There is no end but the end is near!"
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Posted 8/10/2005 3:23:34 PM

You reap what you sow

You reap what you sow

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Where did you see the 89 mobile?

And how'bout some pictures?

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Posted 8/11/2005 2:55:09 AM

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Because it looks like no other car ever made before it's time.

It's a "train thing". It's a locomotive!

There are a ton of cool cars out there, even more "interesting" cars. The 66 was a cool car in it's day. The Futura was designed to look like the Jetsons drove it to the grocery store. The gulwing canopies were awesome and truly inspired design.

Personally, I think they should have been left on the 66. Would have made Batman bullet proof. But they went for visibility instead. Oh well!

The car was really radical for its time. And this was a time where the "Legends" were welding together bathtubs to make cars and making customs out of ordinary school busses. (Anyone remember the "S'Cool Bus" at the auto shows?)

In 1989, we got a chance to see something revolutionary. A train mated with a limousine. And we never saw anything like that in movies or TV. As for the comments about the tumber being more practical... I only direct you to the scene where the 89 scoops up stopped cars and flips them on their roofs like the standard cow-catcher on a locomotive. It's long like a train, it's got the engine styling like a train, the canopy is set way back like the crew compartment of a locomotive, the front end sweeps like a futuristic cow-catcher and the sides have parts similar to the workings of a steam train. All that was missing on it was a steam whistle when it smashed through objects.

Forget the Tumbler "tank", head to head? the "Train" would smash right through it.

So the styling was "too cool" and unusual...

So was the finish.

When you look at it, it wasn't black. (Would have ruined the look of the film to see the car in gloss black)

It wasn't grey...

It wasn't any color you'd expect to find on a car at all.

It was "steely" and industrial...

It was a locomotive.

(I need only to defer to the Batmissle to close this arguement )

And you got the sense that this thing was indestructible.

Then, moments later, the shields came up.

That was too cool. The ultimate car alarm!

Can't tow it, can't scratch it... sure as hell can't steal it!

(I take offense to the Red Triangle Circus Gang being able to hack Batman's security code like a suburban home garage door opener. Not happening!!!):mad

And if you had a garage full of cool cars and all the money in the world ("Is this a garage or a car museum Bruce?") Then you're a car guy!

Bruce Wayne was a car guy. He might have taken the Tumbler out of need when he was a kid.

But then he bought a Lambo and learned a sense of style...

And got a real car!

Of all the Batmobiles, this is my favorite because just standing in front of it makes you smile. The other Bat cars don't do that for me. And when you climb in the driver's seat, your mind plays the score for you.

Every fan that has ever climbed in the seat of the General Lee makes the Cooter noise, "Nananananananana Na" for the 66, "woo woo" for the Knight Rider, and "Roads?" for the BTTF Delorean.

But no other Batmobile but the 89 makes you smile at your passenger when your butt hits the seat and say


No other car.

"Where does he get those wonderful toys?"
He MAKES them you idiot!
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