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  building a 1989 batmobile
 From: Simon99 | Posted: 10/26/2005 4:04:29 PM |

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building a 1989 batmobile

Hi everyone. This is, as everyone says, a really cool site - I've only just joined, but I've been a keen viewer for some time. Earlier I posted a message in the 'guestbook' section - but thought it best to post it here too.

I'm about to start the process of making my own 1989 Batmobile replica - I work in the fibreglass business (usually with boats), and I've developed a set of blueprints (similar to the original) so as to produce a mould. I have a mechanic working with me, and we intend to place the full-scale "reproduction" on a Jaguar XJS (5litre). The car is a soft-top, and we've planned making the Batmobile so that its cock-pit style door will slide forward like the original. My intention is to use my vehicle for personal use and for charity work, i.e. not for profit.

I'm based in the UK, and intend to make the car fully road worthy - this, however, involves certain modifications, e.g. rather than machine guns, wing-mirrors will open up from the bonnet (i.e. hood). Anyway, while I make this - and I've scheduled the next 5 months to complete it - I thought that since I was making one, I could simply use the moulds to make another (at most, 3 - as I have no intention of setting up any sort of production line). It's just that, should an enthusiast want one, then I don't mind making another. My question, then, is: is anyone interested?

Since I'm using a quite expensive car - a soft-top Jag - as the basic frame, the total cost of this project will be in the region of no less than 20-25 grand (in UK pounds)(or something like 35-40 grand in US$) - and that's only my initial estimate in the planning stage. However, I don't see that - at maximum - it will cost anymore than 30 thousand UK pounds. I realise that this is a lot of money (and I don't expect anyone to pay this before receiving the car), but I'm just wondering if anyone (or a couple of people) would be interested in this. Thanks.

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 10/26/2005 4:08:15 PM |
Need Life

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RE: building a 1989 batmobile


 From: Webmaster | Posted: 10/26/2005 4:09:01 PM |
Need Life

Posts: 1517
RE: building a 1989 batmobile

BTW, You can keep the machine guns and still have side mirrors.

Check this thread for previous discussion

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 From: Simon99 | Posted: 10/26/2005 4:17:29 PM |

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RE: building a 1989 batmobile

Hi - thanks for the reply. I didn't know that about the wing mirrors, so thanks for the info. Actually, that really helps - although my design will need a slight alteration. Still, I'll avoid having the machine guns!

 From: Tim | Posted: 10/27/2005 12:24:36 AM |
Diablo Fuego

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RE: building a 1989 batmobile

Between the hi-gloss paint, the orange mechanics and that goofy looking guy driving, the car actually looks ridiculous in that picture.

 From: jigsaw | Posted: 10/27/2005 1:27:37 AM |

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RE: building a 1989 batmobile

Too harsh!

What I don't understand is why he looks so unhappy. He owns a Batmobile for crying out loud!

 From: sg1star | Posted: 10/27/2005 1:47:05 AM |

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RE: building a 1989 batmobile

i was just looking over that pic agian and it cought my eye, hes got clown trippers on it. least its the only logic thing i can think of that im seeing.

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 From: Mr A | Posted: 10/27/2005 3:40:17 AM |
Mr A

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RE: building a 1989 batmobile

Simon99 Welcome.
Is your car going to be a 1:1 scale? Or are you making it smaller to suit our British roads better?

Hey, another 89 in the UK!!!

Mr A

 From: DonC | Posted: 10/27/2005 4:19:12 AM |

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RE: building a 1989 batmobile

And look...all 4 wheels are touching the ground!

 From: Dee | Posted: 10/27/2005 4:33:54 AM |

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RE: building a 1989 batmobile

Weclome to the board simon. Why do U think ur project will be so expensive. U can pick those XJS's up for nearly nothing now-a-days. Is it going to be 1:1 scale. It would be pointlss to do it any other scale.

And wot's up with the red side mechanics in the pic????? Wot a gobshite.

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 From: Simon99 | Posted: 10/27/2005 10:17:00 AM |

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RE: building a 1989 batmobile

Hi, thanks for the replies. Yes, my project is to be 1:1 scale - which does, as someone suggests, make it a little big for British roads - but I'm thinking, if I'm going to all this trouble, it might as well be correct! I've already bought a Jag XJS soft-top - it cost me just over 10 grand. I know there are cheaper one's out there, but I wanted a decent one. The hard-tops can be bought for only a couple of thousand, but generally the soft-tops range from 7.5 grand onwards. This particular car is usefull because of its long wheel base. My major costs, at this stage, involve buying all the necessary tools to get the job done - for example, I'm buying an industrial compressor so as to spray the vehicle. I have not quite figured out how to reproduce a genuine interior yet, but I'm sure it will not be cheap!

At present, I'm about to start making the initial moulding cast - out of polystyrene. From this, I'll then make a solid mould so as to produce the fibreglass body. Hopefully, I'll have this aspect of the project completed by the end of the year.

Of course, any helpful tips will be appreciated.


 From: The Joker | Posted: 10/27/2005 11:17:55 AM |

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RE: building a 1989 batmobile

Welcome Simon. I hope you are planning on putting in A/C and heating in your car. So far it looks as though no one else has thought of this.

Uh oh! He don't look Happy. He's been using Brand X. But with new and improved Joker Brand, I get a grin again, and again.

 From: wylecoyote | Posted: 10/27/2005 11:45:18 AM |

Posts: 34
RE: building a 1989 batmobile

Hello Simon. Welcome. I'm new also and was wondering if you would sell a set of molds and how much you would charge that is if they would survive the trip to the U.S. lol

 From: 2wylde | Posted: 10/27/2005 12:47:11 PM |

Posts: 377
RE: building a 1989 batmobile

Anyone know who's car that is? or where more pictures are? The orange side mechanics are goofy and the car looks bad being that far up - look at the gap between the front tire and the fender! I assume it's on hydraulics and is raised for driving. I hope....

 From: youngbat | Posted: 10/27/2005 2:20:51 PM |

Posts: 150
RE: building a 1989 batmobile

My god, how many copies of the 89 car are out in the world. estimate anyone?

 From: Nitro | Posted: 10/27/2005 5:25:10 PM |

Posts: 741
RE: building a 1989 batmobile

Come in Bob the water is fine.

 From: ILOVEBATMAN | Posted: 11/1/2005 4:29:19 AM |

Posts: 105
RE: building a 1989 batmobile

the red is hideous, the high gloss is ridiculous......


if that was mine I would reapint it, no wait, I'd just sand it!!! LOL

at least its a Keaton car.

Mahalo, from Hawaii

 From: Jack Knight1979 | Posted: 11/2/2005 2:12:43 PM |

Posts: 212
RE: building a 1989 batmobile

Well, I know off two kit bodies down south. The worst part is the owner of one of the kits doesn't care that he has it and he doesn't want to sell it becase he thinks he the ONLY one with a 89 body in the world other than the WB.

So, he won't get rid of it cuz he thinks it's woth 250k and he doens't even like the thing. CRIPES!

I've been working on this guy on and off for three years. Even showed him pics of other kits. He doesn't car.

He's been huffin' resin too long, me thinks.

I don't have a batmobile, but I have a remote R2-D2

 From: tmandu | Posted: 11/15/2005 4:15:57 PM |
Love her !

Posts: 73
RE: building a 1989 batmobile

Do yo plan on doucmenting your build --- what I think woudl be teriffic if someone actually did a start to finish ./...... problems -- etc
step by step --- drawings crude or not ... anybody out there ....

Gotta do it

 From: Bat-Bill | Posted: 11/17/2005 8:28:08 PM |

Posts: 122
RE: building a 1989 batmobile

Aren't most of us already documenting our builds?

As far as problems........gee lemme think......... EVERYDAY is a new quest on how to figure out the current, or next hurdle... so its easier for some folks out there obviously, but for those of us NOT auto building pros.or wealthy enough to hire them............

The problems are as numerous to overcome as it would be having a general handyman custom build a house for you.

Bill W.

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