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check out the Batman Chronicles....3 short films following the 2005 batman Begins stunt show and the use of the Tumbler http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4514974339443810615&hl=en http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3134945443261715306&hl=en http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=9119163240492317379&hl=en

  - Batman  
FAT SITE i was looking for pics of this car man if i had the cash i def WOULD (deamn gimme 2) it would be nice to see a bike version of this batmobile version MY CHICK LIKES THE CAR

  - SIR_5  
unfortunatley not all batmobiles are cool, but these ones are

  - Javed  
Chicks really love the car! But I prefer this one:

  - Hunter123
Hey look! A guestbook!!

  - Tim

  - t
Great site keep the legend of the Dark Night alive

  - Master Bruce
why not make the car out of metal

  - larry  
why not make the car out of metal

  - larry  
hey... this goes to the owner of this batmobile replica. I am shooting a batman short for my mid-term project. And I wanted to know if you rent out this vechical at all? Please e-mail me and we can talk about price and date when/ if it is available. I would greatly appreciate it. By the way it is for the Los Angeles Fil School, so if you would like to particpate in the project that would be great. =0). Well hope to hear from you. Thank You.

  - Jason@LAFILM  
Does anyone know who I can get in contact with to get my terminally ill nephew a ride in the batmobile. It was his Make A Wish but they couldn't deliver. He's taken a turn for the worse and I was hoping to make it happen while he can still enjoy it.

  - BatAunt  

  - manny  
I love your site. I wished I could have seen it months ago. I live in California and I am a serious car nut. I own a 1990 Tesstarosa which to me is the ultimate street car. Also I own a 1998 Hummer H1 which to me is the ultimate off-road vehicle. When I was contemplating building a hot-rod I realized this car would be my one and only build. I thought what would be the ultimate hot-rod build. By far the most impressional automobile that came to my mind was the 1989 Batmobile. It was in the movie for just a few minutes but it inspired a generation of Batman wantabes, myself included. I started my Batmobile build a year ago. I figured it would take three years to build and have a budget of $40,000. My car has an unmolested GM frame with a 500 cubic inch Cadillac engine with a turbo 400 transmission. The engine has a polished Edelbrock manifold with a 800 cfm Edelbrock Performer carburetor. I have Sanderson headers with an x-pipe exhaust going into flowmasters. The Gibson racing radiator is located behind the engine with dual fans. The radiator was relocated behind the engine to bring the turbine closer to the front tires. I have a mild cam so the engine produces close to 500 HP with 600 ft-lbs of torque. The car has an Air-Ride Technology suspension for dropping the car on the ground when its parked with Centerline wheels. I've spent about $25,000 and hundreds of hours of wrenching. I'm going to be over-budget but the experience of building this car has brought me tremendous happiness. Some of my friends and family think I'm nuts but this has been a labor of love. So for all you fellow 1989 Batmobile fanatics,I say go for it,build your own 1989 Batmobile. Yeah I can't wait to get this bad boy on the road, driving my kids to school, running down to the local park or just letting people sit and ride in it, That's what its all about. Thank you for letting me share my story and I hope to be driving my dream car in a couple years!!! Big Wave Dave

  - Big Wave Dave
sou do brasil...^^

  - Junio
I love the tumbler no it is beyond cool I wish I had one sitting in my yard right now and drive it in the yard or in a field.

  - Keisha  
Ultimate Batmobile Site, thanx for the plans!

  - Dragon  
love the site.... congratulations....be well

  - deniel
Awsome!!!! I have been a batman fan since 1966. It only gets better! I'm so happy to find this sight. thanks to Nate.:

  - Wayne  
Awsome!!!! I have been a batman fan since 1966. It only gets better! I'm so happy to find this sight. thanks to Nate.:

  - Wayne  
Hi all, I'm looking for the 2 upgrades made by RichMan's toys for the 1989 Batmobile. The light kit and the protective case, does anyone can help me? I prefer 100% new items...if possible. I can pay with Paypal or Bidpay your choice, thnaks in advance, regards, Olivier-Brussels/Belgium

  - Olivier  
Great site....really liked how complete and concise it is....

  - Fernster  
I gonna get me one and piant it dark midnight (blue)instead of black that should make it a really cool color an put in a turbine engine got to have something hot so that way you get to pick up all the hot chicks well see ya

  - Darrell  
I gonna get me one and piant it dark midnight (blue)instead of black that should make it a really cool color an put in a turbine engine got to have something hot so that way you get to pick up all the hot chicks well see ya

  - Darrell  

my idol is batman

  - koo man
Your site rocks!! It brought back a lot of memories. Keep up the good work Alexander

  - Alexander
guys I spent a very happy hour going through your site, well done and keep up the good work. Q: How does Batman's Mum call him for Dinner? A: DinierDinerDinerDinerBatman! I was told this joke in england in the 70's.

  - cairoriders  

  - Rhubarb
I believe that we should never pollute the ocean because it would harm all the fish. Fishing is also an act of murder as well! So make sure that you don't put your rubbish in the sea or down a drain because it is very dangerous for all the little fish. Always put your rubbish in the bin. I also believe that watching the Simpsons and listening to Avril Laveen and Brittany Spears is very bad! Never watch the Simpsons or the Rugrats because they are silly shows. Listen to Patsy Cline. She's got this really good song out now called Walkin' After Midnight and I absolutely love it! I'm sure that all the other kids at school love it as well!

  - Jonathan Craig
very nice site .keep it up please

  - mumu  
: batmobill says hi

awsome site ...but i'm lookin for a pic of da tumbler flying OUT of da batcave

  - drunkhomer  
you are all geeks

  - nick
hello good citizens! this is a great site for info on the new fangled batmobiles. If you would like to find out more info on the 60s Corgi Batmobile then come to my site ,its all about how to Restore the Corgi Batmobile, with some pictures of my own bat creations! thank you all good web citizens!

  - roger cantrell   
nice site, i hope to one day own a batmobile

  - Eric Nagle  
I love this site . I have collected evry batmobile sinc I was in the 6th grade. BATMOBILE is the coolest car out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  - Eric Ignacio  
Hey look, I escaped from the forum!!! HA HA LOL

  - Jimmy
well done site.

  - Thomas Stonewall  
Hi everyone. This is, as everyone says, a really cool site. The reason I'm posting this is, I'm about to start the process of making my own 1989 Batmobile - I work in the fibreglass business (usually with boats), and I've developed a set of blueprints so as to produce a mould. I have a mechanic working with me, and we intend to place the full-scale reproduction on a Jaguar XJS (5litre). The car is a soft-top, and we've planned making the Batmobile so that its cock-pit style door will slide forward like the original. I'm based in the UK, and intend to make the car fully road worthy. Anyway, while I make this - and I've scheduled the next 5 months to complete it - I thought that since I was making one, I could simply use the moulds to make another (at most, 3 - as I have no intention of setting up any sort of production line). It's just that, should an enthusiast want one, then I don't mind making another. My question, then, is: is anyone interested? Since I'm using a quite expensive car - a soft-top Jag - as the basic frame, the total cost of the 1989 Batmobile replica will be in the region of no less than 20-25 grand (in UK pounds) - and that's only my initial estimate in the planning stage. However, I don't see that - at maximum - it will cost anymore than 30 thousand pounds. I realise that this is a lot of money (and I don't expect anyone to pay before receiving the car), but I'm just wondering if anyone (or a couple of people) would be interested in this. Thanks.

  - Simon  
nice website

  - yusuf  
i love this site you guys have done a fine job keep up the good work!

  - batman_the_dark_knight_of_gotham  

the batmobile is the best car ever,i take it over a hummer any day,i have been a batman fan 40yrs,and i am for life,this is a coolsite,tomc,fl

  - thomas chmielewski  
Hello all Batman fans - how would any of you fans like to OWN the real Batmobile used in the Batman Returns movie - "the cars that chicks really LOVE" At this auction: visit: www.RandWorkman.com and go to the auction lot list - here is a direct link: http://www.randworkman.com/featured_event/auction/listing.php?type=Automobiles&make=Batmobile+%2F+Movie If you are interested in buying this car at the auction - this Saturday Sept 10th please call 212.655.4505 ext. 246 and leave a message as you must be pre-approved to purchase the one and only BATMOBILE. See you at the auction!

  - bradford   
Today on Ebay was the Richman toys Batmobile; Item number: 5994934739 and its at $56.00....quite the bargain looks to be in great shape!

  - Jupirt Jimmy  
Cool site! I have the 21 inch RC car and have built the Ertl kit. By far this is my favorite version of th ebatmobile

  - Jupiter Jimmy  
Great site. Nice work!

  - ?????
Just wanted to say thanks again.

  - Steve  
look at the end of the day all of those cars are great you wounld'nt say no to any of them would you but you will have your fav

  - ?
i was reading some of your opinions from previous postings, Frankly i love all the batmobiles. but now i'm in love with the tumbler too. so give it a chance since it is his first car.

  - JP  
Sweet Site Dude!

  - Jon  
When I was 6 I talked a kid into selling me his 'Corgi Toys' Batmobile from the TV series for 25 cents Aus.(1974) It is Die-Cast and I've got it as the start of my collection. Didn't care for Batman...thought he was gay. Loved the machinary. Since then I've made sure to get a metal representation of every Batmobile that's worth keeping. Tumbler will go into the collection. There is one, designe wise, that I think is overlooked. It's from the modern Batman cartoon on telly. It's long and sleek and almost looks like a locomotive you can steer. It's a great design and one of the nicest bits of modern sculpture I own. If you're an old Batfreak, you won't be disappointed by the tip of the hat to 1930s styling.

  - Grey Area
Ok site...

  - Dude
Fantastic site! Finally a site devoted to my favorite batmobile?

  - hails
Oh, you site is wery well. Respekt to administrator!

  - leather luggage   
best site eveR!

  - duss005  
great site! just started my own collection!

  - datsmyboy  
Hey look, DH's site has other pages...

  - Tim
I was just surf'in the web looking for info. and pic's of some high end cars that I've had the privilage of painting and the Keaton car was one of them, the body shop I worked in at the time got a hold of it or one of them [not sure how many were built] before it went on display for the BATMAN ride at Six Flags St.Louis and o yes it was very cool and yes we drove it. My son had his 9th birthday at that time so of corse that was the party him and all his buddys got a ride. I will say this in my opinion that was the coooolest batmobile next to the original 60's car.

  - P-AIR

  - batman 73701   
Hey you guyz and galz! I absolutely agree, the Keaton Batmobile is the best! That's why I made a paper model out of it; go see (and download and build) it at my site http://members.home.nl/saarloos/, for all you Keaton Car lovers! greetz ninjatoes

  - ninjatoes   
nice website, best batmobile yet.

  - cavebat
Hi Your web site is really cool, but i have a very rare batmobile , it was made in 1989 and i still have it is electic and has is a kiddies electic toy, i wanted to know how much its worth, and who made them... cheers ben

  - Ben  
this web site kicks ass. i have always wanted this car. all of the others look to phoney and dumb. the 1989 batmobile is awesome! thank you to whoever put this site up rocks!

  - Ethan Hacker
Your site is pleasant for visiting. It was interesting to me to thumb through its pages. Thank you

  - Alex   
Without a doubt this is the most comprehensive site I've ever seen. I've always loved the car and I guess I wasn't the only one! The best thing that I've been able to take froom this site is the blueprints. I've known aboout them for years, searched for them on ebay and finally found some hi-res scans here. For that reason alone I shall be coming back for updates. I'm going to start working on a few screensavers using your posted prints. If anybody has any size requests then just email me and I'll see what I can do. I'll be going up to 1680x1050 because I'll be doing them on an iMac G5. Keep it up

  - Chris Yarrow  
Hi i'm bruce and i'm wondering how much the keaton and batman forever batmobiles are email me at my bros email jonathan_2899@hotmail.com :

  - Bruce Wayne himself  
SWEET SITE!! love it alot, got alot of info from it. Do they have one for sale, and if so how much is it? Keep up the good work

  - Night Wing  
I've been looking for the blueprints of the "Keaton" car for several years and now that I found them here I'm satisfied. If your dream is to build the ultimate car for your collection there's the blueprints. Now if only it were legal to drive them on the road.

  - CWSoldier79
Great site. The 'keaton batmobile' is the best the best by far! I'm currently researching the mobile 4 some artwork i am doin. Keep up the good work.! :)

  - russ  
simply wonderful!!!

  - saue from italy
I read on your trans am page that the 89 batmobile can be bought for $2 million. Is this true and who owns it now?

  - Harold Willett  
I agree, this is the best site of the 89 batmobile. This is the only site that I seen so far with this much of dedication to the batmobile as much as I do. The 89 BATMOBILE IS THE KING OF THE ROADS.

  - batfan  
Very nice site. Just checking google to find body kits for the '89 Batmobile (which is quite easily the best) and I found htis. Nicely laid out, good info, and a lot of pics. I'd expect a darker background though, it is the Dark Knight's car... If you could add a section on how to obtain body kits when they're availabe (since the copyright ran out last month I believe) then that'd rock even harder. Nice one.

  - El Cheech
Sweet Greetz from Berlin germany!!! This page is one of the greatest i've ever seen of the 1989 batmobile! Thx & C YAHHH

Awesome site!

  - Fisher2
Whoever runs this site, add the top speed for the keaton batmobile on the specification page. Its 245 mph. I got it from the book Batman:The ultimate guide to the dark knight

  - Rip Claw
could you give me the full buleprints of the 1989 "batmobile"you can send to me at my email,but i'm not going to desgin it i just want to how they built it because i love it

  - Alonzo  
Hi there the patend is up on this car this mont want me to build you one? write me at buttheadphatboy @ yahoo.com

  - mac
hi, it's very nice site - i like it. fiona from http://www.tageo.com <a href='http://www.tageo.com'>http://www.tageo.com</a>

  - Fiona   
The Site Rules, But Take Out The Trans AM, The Car Sucks

  - Tommyboy
Hi there i have an update i have started the batmobile!! the forms i have made are harder than i ever thought but its working so far i have recouned 34 forms to build the body i am on # 2 but if you have any questions feel free to ask no im not a buisness trying to make cash im just a body man with lots of free time ! buttheadphatboy@aol.com

  - malcom  

  - D   
By far this is the best website for the best Batmobile ever! I wish it was up when I was doing research for my 3D Batmobiles...it would have save me a lot of time and money!

  - Earl Cooper   
Cool site!

  - Cohen Technology, LLC auctions  
This site is the best one i have ever found thank you.

  - Sephirothevil
love the site. i was thinking of starting my own 89 site but to busy. but i'm glad you did. now we can all come together and see id this '89 batmobile fan base can become something like the '66 batman fans do. we just need a replica made so we can talk about the specs and the build of a 89 batmobile. good job!

The 89 Keaton Batmobile was BEST!

  - kew
Nice site. My favorite was also the '89 car. I don't know what I was thinking letting Schumaker talk me into all that neon!

  - Batman
brilliant!! absolutely brilliant!! best batmobile site ever no doubt...great pics!!!

  - jw
Brilliant site. But, are you working for the Penguin? I seem to recall him having a copy of the plans to the Batmobile. Peace to you.

  - A.P. Fuchs  

  - asdfasdf   
Kick Ass Website.... Very good site.... All though should have full size screen caps from the movies....

  - Daniel Williams   

  - FAHAD  
Nice site! I downloaded the plans,very informative. I have contacts who actually sell the body of the keaton version. I was wondering if u had any info.?

  - J Pearson  
Fricking FANTASTIC SITE MAN!!! Love it, love the B89/BR batmobile, I don't think anything will beat it, I thought BB had a chance but nope, B89 is the best batmobile...

  - Surferboy
Love the site. Add to it as ofter as you can. Anything about the 89 Batmobile is cool as far as I'm concerned. Anton Furst did a fantastic job on the 89 movie.

  - Jason M  
hello from germany, a grat amazing side. very hot news. i like the car . best for you. guenter welky (germany , duisburg)

  - bathunter  

sup, you site is actually on google now.. dang. teach me how to list it... Though not so easy to search.. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=chickslovethecar Stop abusing msn to promote your site.. dang..... My site will be up soon to blow away your site... fuhahahaha... someday....

  - g8gatsbi
Superb effort! It's inspiring to see someone with such a clear passion and enthusiasm :)

  - Pretzel
Excellent site, I will follow its progress closely. Great design. Best of Luck with it

  - raleagh   
Congratulations on the new website! Good Work. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  - C1 Mousemobile   
Really cool site, like it a lot. Reminds me of why I love the first movie so much, not just the Batmovile but the whole production desing in that filn is superb.

  - CuervoMuerto
I love your site. Feel free to visit mine whenever you like.

  - Val Kilmer
Nice site.

  - BCHQ
Where's the freaking illegal sh!t?

  - Vian S.Su being a dick as usual  
You site sucks you need to make some serious changes... Just kidding. Finally some site that is might be useful to a certain group of people.. Keep it up

  - g8gatsbi

  - asdf
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