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Gauging interest - selling project car Expand / Collapse
Posted 12/6/2020 4:17:33 PM
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I've been building "the Champmobile" for over 4 years now and im curious if there are any potential buyers of the project at this time. Please only serious inquiries. I have a ton of photos here:

I've spent over 50k on the build at this point not including the countless hours of building and researching. The goal was to make a street legal car with all the fixins. I saw another builder selling a project a while ago with just the chassis and the body, which was done...and was asking 36k for it...

Bullet points:
- not looking to part it out. I want to sell the entire and materials all.
- Built on a 95 caprice chassis
- 1989 Gotham cruiser body. Filled the seems and some slight body work but most of the body work still remains to be done. Hood is cut out from main body and rear wheel wells cut as they need to be refit. I still have the pieces.
- I have all the body pieces Gotham cruisers sells.
- Recaro seats. Need to be upholstered. Not exact replicas but very very close
- original ww2 jet throttle for the shifter. Very rare. Also have the replica version currently installed and working.
- completely refurbished LT1 350 engine
- transmission is like new
- Flowmaster exhaust
- inside computer and parts for 30 cal replica machine guns (propane oxygen firing)
- ferrari tail lights plus extra set of the lower tail lights.
- Windshield wiper set
- 6 cameras and monitor
- cylindrical space heater installed as after burner.
- cockpit water gutters installed and drainage
- airbag suspension and new shocks
- updated body mounts
- custom radiator and high performance air filter
- brand new Hoosier tires on weld wheels..very close to original. Updated longer wheel lugs
- seat belts
- inner exhaust fittings made. exhaust plates mounted and installed
- hood latches
- removable steering wheel
- gages (needs correct speedometer)
- replica cobra gas caps
- carbon fiber scrape strips for front underside
- correct bat emblems for hub. Nice and thick
- entire Floorpan and under-body made from steel not wood and fiberglass, though I still have the fiberglass and wood floor pan with a few piece I cut out to use on other parts of the body. I have spare steel to complete the build.
- custom fuel tank
- storage area build behind driver cabin
- trunk lid hinges
- tracks installed for canopy with wheels
- it does run and I've driven it around the block a few times but there is an open circuit with the electrical. I took a wire harness from a 95 caprice and I think the antitheft is an issue. We have wired around it so it does run but the idle is low and it can run smoother
- canopy reinforced with steel round bar.
- dashboard buttons and switches
- bat license plate frames and tire air caps
- tons of intricate metal work done by professional fabricator

With a small investment this car can be brought to completion and be worth an easy 90-100k

I am not desperate so if there are no serious offers I will just hold on to it. I would like to at least recoup my financial investment and I think it is worth it.

Why am I looking to sell:
After all the years I have other interests and would like to devote more time and focus to them and have some money to do it.
I'm not mechanical and my neighbor has done all the work. At the rate we are moving its going to take a lot more time to complete and some more money. To make it street legal in CA also provides a few more hills to climb and im losing my excitement lol

The car is really close to being done and is a huge jump start for anyone looking to build as well as a good investment opportunity

Again- serious inquiries only please. Please send me a message if interested

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Posted 12/7/2020 10:30:34 AM

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That's a great build, followed quite a bit of it. Unfortunately my car budget is tapped out with some recent purchases.
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Posted 12/7/2020 3:45:07 PM
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thanks and I agree lol a ton of work has gone into it, and Ill keep pushing it along....but someone wants to adopt it, then Im open

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Posted 5/14/2021 7:11:26 PM
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The car has been sold folks. Thanks for the inquiries

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Posted 9/24/2021 11:38:42 PM
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Is this still for sale?
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