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Posted 10/11/2018 4:10:37 PM

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Recently, I looked to replace my aging, worn, and faded "Zeus" badges on my F-650 XUV with a better design. The original badges were merely stock ford emblems with the centers smoothed over, and then overlayed with custom cut plastic letters wrapped in chrome vinyl. That was "innovation" in 2008!

10 years later, with waterjet, 5 axis, stereolithography, 3D printing, etc, just about anything is possible. When it came time to source a vendor to make new badges, at the advice of a friend who had used them, I reached out to Billet Badges in Ramona, CA. I sent them an iphone picture of the weathered badge on the truck and they sent back a 3D rendering, which was approved to make chips the first time.

This is what I received in the mail a few weeks ago... Spot on to what I had hoped for! So, if you guys are looking for emblem work for a project on here, or some other non-bat related project, let me offer a 5 star "yelp" type review for Billet Badges.


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Posted 10/11/2018 4:38:06 PM

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So what is this truck? A kind of limo thing? I had never heard of it before.
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Posted 10/11/2018 5:47:02 PM

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My F-650 XUV is a hybrid Class 6 truck. It first started life as a Ford F-650 crew cab & chassis. It went to F-650 Supertrucks in GA and was converted into a F-650 pickup truck. It was then purchased by Baltimore Raven Orlando “Zeus” Brown. After he got the pickup, Orlando was at the SEMA show and saw a concept picture for a F-650 crew cab with the back 1/2 of an Excursion graphed on, as the Superduty pickup series and the Excursion share A & B pillars and front door, as well as some structure and flooring. Orlando loved the idea and commissioned Alton Truck Company to build the first F-650 eXtreme Utility Vehicle (XUV) to be built. Later, Orlando had his XUV on the Speed Channel’s “Unique Whips”, where it was named “ZEUS” as part of the build. Some time later Orlando died from diabetic complications and I picked it up from his estate.

Now I am completely redoing the truck. I am putting in a 2015 Lariat dash, center console and door panels, a custom Ipad Pro in the center of the dash, and custom wrapped Sienna “lounge” seats on sliding seat tracks as well as a ton of electronics including KVH satellite tv. Current power is a 550 Cat, though I want more... Funniest thing is while the wife (an attorney AND car nut, if you can believe that) absolutely refuses to be seen in the build car, however, she loves to drive the 650 (though she doesnt like to hit the horns). That’s like having oxy machine guns on your car and not using them. ;-)

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