Why the 1989 Batmobile became the most overall popular Batmobile.
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Posted 7/3/2017 7:16:44 PM
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Top 3 Batmobiles: The Best of the Batmobiles
Visual Iconic Pop Culture in Art and Media
James Romeo
January 25, 2016

“What was the best Batmobile to ever appear in visual media?
Everyone has their own likes and dislikes about movies and comics,
such is the nature of any media or art form. Warning: Opinions will
vary from individual to individual.

#3 – 2005 Tumbler (The Dark Knight Trilogy)
The core concept of the entire Nolan series of films was built on one
question: What if Batman was actually real? He would actually need a
car that actually could get the job done.
The Tumbler takes the concept and creatively elaborates the idea of
the Batmobile being an all-terrain vehicle. It smashes through
everything and uses its weight and momentum to go from place to place.
This is the most “realistic” interpretation of the Batmobile to ever
be shown on a movie screen.

#2 – 1966 Batmobile (Batman the Movie/Series)
Everything in the 1960s was about style, colorful and cool. It was a
colorful, lighthearted Batmobile for a lighthearted time in the
character’s history. It resurrected Batman from the black and white
serials. The television show borrowed elements from the 1950s comics
of Batman. The 1966 Batmobile also marked the first occasion audiences
saw the afterburner that propelled the Batmobile in live action,
something that was a part of the comics. This Batmobile was versatile
and useful with its endless array of functions and gadgets combined
with a very unique and bright sense of style. The word iconic it often
found in the company of its description.

#1 – 1989 Batmobile (Batman 1989)
Many believe this to be the best adaptation of the Batmobile in live
action. Michael Keaton’s version from Tim Burton’s film in 1989 is the
one that most people think of when they think of a dark, brooding, and
stylish version of the Batmobile. Enforcing a sense of seriousness,
style, and implied power is what makes this work so well. What you
have is something that is sleek looking and bold with its presence
each time you see the Batmobile appear on screen. It has thick armor,
machine guns, a jet turbine engine, sleek body, and much more, that
give it an intimidating and serious presence each time you see it. It
is the polar opposite interpretation of the 1966 Batmobile, which only
helped to reinforce the idea of Tim Burton’s film being a completely
new take on the dark knight at the time.”

Looked at fifty or so, top ten, top five, and top three ranking sites,
blogs, and postings, ranking the Batmobiles for variable combinations
that included some of the following qualities: screen presentation,
originality, beauty, iconic, gaudiness, design, technology, style,
realism, boldness, intimidation, seriousness, darkness, power,
practicality, and usefulness to Batman. Ninety percent ranked the 1989
as the number one best overall Batmobile, the 1966 as the number two
and most recognizable, and the Tumbler as the number three and most
realistic. Personally, I find something to like in all the Batmobile variations. vertigo
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