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Posted 1/13/2016 1:04:04 PM

You reap what you sow

You reap what you sow

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1989 Batmobile was from The Batman movie released in 1989.

Movie also had Batwing and Kim Basinger.

So only natural that I'm a fan of both.

There was also a game released by OCEAN on Amiga 500 that was amazingly popular at the time.

Played that game to death in my youth.

Mr.A would probably know what I'm talking about since Amiga was only popular in Europe and not here in Yankee land.

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Posted 4/22/2016 1:03:03 PM

You reap what you sow

You reap what you sow

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Posts: 7,214, Visits: 28,930
Looks like there is a matte black finish version but it's sold out.


A little warning.

I ordered extra from Amazon but I received a fake from China.

The ones being sold by third party and from China well below the retail of 9.99 would probably mean they're fake. So you've been warned.

What it's supposed to look like.

Above packaging is the original and below packaging is the fake one.

Note the stocky and short and detail-less side mechs.

Just be aware. You've been warned.

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Posted 4/22/2016 3:42:41 PM

DH was once A mail order bride...............

DH was once A mail order bride...............

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Sucker i got mine free from this transgender bathroom user.
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