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lol it is street legal ive seen ppl drive it on vstreets in real life nutin is rong with it excepts its a big ass machine... Any ways
If any one can email me of how much one would cost or where i can find someone to build one for me please let me know

My email:
C Baarrett on 12/7/2011 9:16:15 PM
Derek on 11/6/2011 11:28:42 PM
@Phillip Peavey: You can't really buy it, but if you wanted to you would probably pay about $50-100 million.

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nicholas on 12/8/2010 11:19:14 AM
currently in process of researching a build of 12 full size working Tumblers. blue prints appear difficult nigh impossible to obtain so currently using schematics and photo,s to scale a set of working drawings. we have already done several other vehicles from eleanor to daytona cobra,s. all good fun. any information on tumbler and batpod really welcome. Warner bros not being to helpful. So 12 customers required urgently
Mike W on 8/22/2010 5:45:15 AM
i love the tumbler and want one for christmas this year...... where can i find a real one and how much does it cost?
Phillip Peavey on 7/16/2010 8:45:45 PM
i want top refrence of this tumbler car
mayur kakkad on 2/27/2010 12:24:04 AM
RE: - James Callaghan

Could you please contact me about your blueprints?

Mobjack on 1/11/2010 11:18:01 AM
You all know that this "car" in its current form will not be street legal in ANY US state. If you build one all you can do is drive it on a track, take it to car shows or drive it in the desert.
DeFran on 12/25/2009 3:52:32 PM
I think the only thing to build it is lots of meadle and alls u need really for the outside fame would be 20 gage sheet metal, you could probably get most of the car parts from a junk yard for cheap prices.
Ethan Spang on 10/13/2009 10:34:46 PM
Wow. These are amazing! I am slightly obsessed (ok really obsessed) over Batman and these just fed my love! Thanks!
Bat-lover on 5/11/2009 7:10:54 PM
I'd love to get the schematics for this on a t-shirt, like the cover of a Haynes manual. That would be great.

"Do you really think no one would notice your baby out there, pancaking cop cars on the evening news?"
Slow learner on 3/17/2009 5:08:28 PM
hox much does this motherfucker cost
chad sneabley on 11/11/2008 9:04:56 AM
these are great schematics, can you tell me if i can purchase the tumbler from movies
terrell mckinney on 8/26/2008 3:10:53 PM
Im South African, so I operate in Rands, which is roughly R10,23 or so to the US-$.
This is what ive managed to find out.
The engine is a Chevy 5.2 litre short block. V8 or V10.
The correct weighting of the finished vehicle should be in the region of 4.6 tons, the tyre weight alone being roughly one 8th of that.
Top speed with vthe correct proportions is aroun (No jokes here) 220km per hour, which is roughly 160 miles per hour.
I the guys who have posted in this blog are not getting these right, the major problem can be attributed to the gear ratio's.
To build the exact replica, with all the correct parts, cailerons in place and everything proportioned, it will cost around R1, 890, 000 estimated. So that in the region of 180 thousand dollars.
I hope that helps.
Ross on 8/11/2008 4:19:50 PM
I'm interested in collaborating to build it
Eugene on 7/26/2008 9:44:00 PM
i too would like to know how much it would cost, cause that is one bad-a-- ride!
mikey on 7/1/2008 1:01:35 PM
I'm not really sure if anyone here is aware of it, but reading the coments about the blueprints for the Tumbler and so on, when the "Batman Begins" movie came out in 2005, there was a tie-in book called, "The Art of Batman Begins," and in it, there were a number of blueprints and other things of interest.

I found it on this website,, which is a website for out of print or older books. It only cost about $4.99 or something like that.

I know that everybody here probably has that book, but it's something I thougt I might pass along.
scrubs4ever on 4/25/2008 10:28:15 PM
How much would you need to build this thing? (As long as I get to keep it at the end of course)
Alex on 3/29/2008 1:05:04 AM
I interpeted the steering mechanicsm and would love to colab with someone to draw up plans and possibly build it if we could find financing!!!
Twan on 3/18/2008 9:07:14 PM
Im very interested to know who actually built this gorgeous beast AND to know how much one would actually cost to own. (Without the Weapons)

Can you help?

Mikki Jackson on 2/20/2008 6:10:18 AM
My whole family loves this kick-a** vehicle. Do you have actual plans for tha electric powered one(used for the "Stealth/Silent" mode)? Would have to have complete specs and parts for it, but it would be that much better to have!
Jeff on 2/19/2008 9:16:44 AM
yes, where did you get these pics??
and how does the front wheels turn left or right?
hows the suspenssion
etc etc
but i really care
thanks for the web you got
steftumbler on 8/26/2007 5:49:39 AM
So james where can i get one of these prints really need !?!?
tumblerfan101 on 7/15/2007 7:45:35 PM
i wants that shit
i wanty on 6/1/2006 11:23:05 PM
Whoa!!This car is the best military-like vehicle ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous on 5/27/2006 2:15:19 AM
c morris u right this car look like it got a death wish peace out
jammie d on 5/17/2006 11:05:35 AM
I would like to order a Tumbler please. I will be mainly using it to get to work and back.
Matt on 5/6/2006 6:41:14 AM
how did you get the blueprints and cant you send me a free sample!lol
The Firefox on 2/18/2006 9:11:25 AM
the sweetest batmobile invented. i wish i owned one.
anonymous on 12/5/2005 6:33:20 PM
this is the baddest batmobile to date.only wish i owned one myself
stuart ince on 11/17/2005 10:10:49 AM
I have actual prints of the Tumbler's systems, wiring diagrams & harnesses, and body components. $40 per print.

James Callaghan
James Callaghan on 11/6/2005 5:48:14 PM
Yes, very "subtle" bat motif !!! eyes2

So subtle that they have to draw over the picture to make us believe it's there - a bit like drawing over cloud patterns.
Batfan on 10/28/2005 12:16:25 AM
Gas is over 3 bucks a gallon!

When will the hybrid Tumbler be available?
anonymous on 9/15/2005 7:42:26 PM
What company is building the tumbler for you?
anonymous on 8/23/2005 7:40:38 PM
HELP! I need camouflage painting guide for the 1/35 Bandai Tumbler. Email to
anonymous on 8/6/2005 11:17:26 AM
Subtle bat motif eah? I don't really see it but I still like the car.
anonymous on 7/6/2005 4:03:46 PM
I think repro is kidding us. Nice pics, by the way
Darren Berquist on 7/2/2005 1:59:50 PM
i have just finished spending over $250,000 on materials for the tumbler including the jet burner and the hydrauhlic systems and at this very moment am having the computer software made so that it can run the tumbler. i have spent a fortune ($10,000) on shipping the parts to tokyo where i have been assured that for just $100,000 i will have a fully working tumbler in either black or in combat colours ,as shown in the movie. it will be made by september 2005 and i will keep and drive until january 2006 where i will sell to the highest bidder. to place an offer just email me at thanx
repro on 7/1/2005 6:31:40 AM
Who put these specs...these are confidential.....
Batman on 6/26/2005 10:52:18 PM
Tumbler is cool!
Darth Christian on 6/22/2005 9:41:06 PM
At local Hyundai dealer!
anonymous on 6/21/2005 10:41:27 PM
i want a batman begins tumbler now where can i get the car at
Timothy Shifflett on 6/21/2005 7:30:44 PM
Do you have the actual Tumbler Blueprints?
anonymous on 6/10/2005 12:06:38 PM
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