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  Kruze Auction
 From: Wayne | Posted: 5/1/2005 8:07:36 AM |

Kruze Auction

So looks like it's up for auction again this September.
Is it actually for real or is it just some ploy to get attention(get someone from inside to bid outrateously high so no one really actually wins it but generate enough publicity with it)?


 From: Justin | Posted: 5/1/2005 8:08:01 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

Why do I not believe that it is an original?

 From: KeatonCar | Posted: 5/1/2005 8:08:13 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

It must be the electric powered Batman Returns car that was featured at six flags NJ, and was replaced by the stunt Tumbler.

 From: sciwolf | Posted: 5/1/2005 8:08:24 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

It looks pretty good, but it's definitely not an original. Look at the brackets on the turbine. On the movie cars, weren't those at 90, 210, and 330 degrees? On the one being auctioned off, they look to be at 30, 150, and 270 degrees. Additionally, something about the grappling hook on the side doesn't look right. Wadda y'all think?

 From: Justin | Posted: 5/1/2005 8:08:35 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

Jay Orhberg's turbine thingy's were all upside down...

 From: Nitro | Posted: 5/1/2005 8:11:37 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

Hey guys i thought all the real batmobiles had the turbine mounted the way sciwolf said. Look at the pictures in miscellaneous pics on this site, under more pics where the batmobile is running between two cars . The turbine is mounted diffrently.

 From: Tim | Posted: 5/1/2005 8:11:53 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

Good eye, Nitro...

 From: KeatonCar | Posted: 5/2/2005 8:12:15 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

that is an old photo Kruse used to sell another batmobile last year, so it is not the picture of the actual car for sale.

 From: KeatonCar | Posted: 5/2/2005 8:12:24 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

plus I hope they get rid of the wires that are visible in that scene on the special edition dvd that was supposed to be out this year

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 5/2/2005 8:12:36 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

I also remember someone telling me auction is just a publicity stunt.
Same car is auctioned off and someone from WB or Kruze always wins the bid(and yes I am aware of they make potential bidders sign(or read) the contract that defines what you can or can't do with the batmobile if you win)

 From: Baneful | Posted: 5/2/2005 8:12:47 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

So's the one from petersen museum

 From: Baneful | Posted: 5/2/2005 8:12:57 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

But then this photo is not

What's that tiny hole at the top?

 From: Baneful | Posted: 5/2/2005 8:13:08 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

That image above is from batmobile calendar from 1989.

The calendar images far exceed the width and length of my scanner. I really need to rescan those.

Funnny thing about the grill, the one in Movie World is also upside down

 From: Baneful | Posted: 5/3/2005 8:13:21 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

not new

 From: Wayne | Posted: 5/7/2005 8:13:44 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

This one's mounted in differently way from above two variations

 From: Nitro | Posted: 5/7/2005 8:14:02 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

Nice car Wayne. Where is that one located? :

 From: Wayne | Posted: 5/7/2005 8:14:17 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

Probably in Universal Studio.
Probably just a shell.

 From: Kevin | Posted: 5/7/2005 8:14:37 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

Kruse is notoriously known for lying about the cars they sell. They sold a Bob ButtĄ¯s car that was in the Klassic Daytona Beach car museum. They tried to pass it off as a real #5 car they even flew in Barris to hype the car to the bidders. Barris originally purchased the car from Bob Butts and sold it to the museum several years ago and included documentation to its authenticity.
Numerous individuals from the board sent Kruse several emails and phone calls asking them to verify the information they were giving out. We even sent them a list naming all the real owners of the original cars.
Mr. Moor from the Tallahassee museum won the bid at 175 thousand dollars plus 10% commission fee. I wasnĄ¯t able to contact him till after he brought the car home. At first he was skeptical then he contacted me and started asking me a lot of questions about the car, I told him about several things about his car and how Bob built his cars and what to look for. He was surprised to find out that his 66 Batmobile was built on a 74 chassis.
Kruse first denied that they had any knowledge that the car was a replica, the refused to return Mr. MoorĄ¯s money. We sent Mr. Moore out emails and told him to go to the State Attorneys Office and have Kruse charged with Felony Fraud. Clint gave him documentation that showed that the car was Built buy Bob and sold to Barris.
The Papers and TV caught wind of the scandal and ran with it. Each time Barris was cornered about his involvement with the sale of the vehicle his story changed drastically on each occasion.
After a year of fighting Kruse gave back Mr. Moore money and took back the vehicle. The last I heard, Kruse still has possession of the vehicle.
At least seven other cars they sold that day were also fakes.

The 89 Batmobile they are offering is a Jay car and was never screen used.

 From: Fred | Posted: 5/7/2005 8:15:15 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

I think you are a tard monkey

 From: Fred | Posted: 5/7/2005 8:15:22 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

Joan Butts gave him the paper work...Not Clit

 From: Fred | Posted: 5/8/2005 8:15:35 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

Kevin you have no idea what you are talking about..Joan got Moore the paper work not Clit. Jay did not build the car at Kruse. Learn something before you lie to these people.

 From: Justin | Posted: 5/8/2005 8:15:45 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

Hooray for "Fred" being back. Hey folks, did you know that FRED'S IP address is STRIKINGLY SIMILAR to another one I have on file....

 From: Kevin | Posted: 5/8/2005 8:15:58 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

It wouldn't happen to be Kory Geek would it? Now that you have caught him He will have to get a new alias...

 From: Kevin | Posted: 5/8/2005 8:16:07 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

Clint did send Mr. Moore the paper work documenting the cars origin. Mr. Moore contacted me and told me that he received all the paperwork that he requested from us. I visited Mr. Moore's Museum and confirmed what his cars were shortly after the incidence occurred. I was there, where were you Fred?

Also I never said that Jay's 89 was build at Kruze. They purchased it from a previous owner an have it in there collection.

Please learn to read Fred!

 From: Jack | Posted: 5/8/2005 8:16:16 AM |

RE: Kruze Auction

Kevin, what's the status of your 89? Your 66? The Black Beauty? The 89 being the most important, of course!

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