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  Tyco RC Tumbler
 From: Everett | Posted: 7/15/2005 12:28:49 AM |

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Tyco RC Tumbler

Wow so long time no messaging... Ive been busy working like a mad dog. So yeah I finnaly came a accross a Wal-Mart tumbler car at my local Supercenter... Hmm... I fell in love with this monstrosity like in 5 seconds... So I put it on layaway untill I could pick it up with my next check. So then I finally get it... First dissapointment... 108 bucks and I get a dinky RC controller... What do ya expect... So then I charged the battery for the required five and half hours... That is the first charge... ran for about 45 min pretty well, and it does say in the manual that the battery time does depend on your driving style... All I have to say is this thing is a Mad power slider... The wheels spin out on the go, only because there hard plastic except for the outer caps which are a softer plastic to the touch... so then came the second required five and half hour charge... then about an hour of running around with it... be carefull you have to let the battery cool down to charge it up again... waiting twenty min. to do so will allow it too cool down before you recharge... then the big prob surfaced. Can you guess??? the fucking range... I couldn't get more than 20 feet away before my controller range would deplete... OOh so freaking mad... so i check the manaul... yep definately only gets like 65 feet... Jeese man thats like to one end of my hous and half way across... So sad.. but still I wasnt even getting that... So i figured if i was gonna take it back well then ill take it apart... Not much under the hood... a speaker that sits ont he roof and some ledlights... btw the bastard toy is mad pimpin when your driving it with sound and lights and everything... even braking sound which was fun... easy to scratch up... to sum it up the thing isn't very fast... Front end is immobile... steered by a single tire underneath... and just for all you shoppers out there... When a car can't clear an obstacle that is less than and 1/8th of the diameter of your wheel, then something is super dumb about it... All in all I got my money back and placed another on layaway... I figure Ill keep that one in the box for collectibility... Hope this confusing joblot of words helps someone...

sincerely, Everett Lee Juarez

 From: Everett | Posted: 7/15/2005 12:30:59 AM |

Posts: 6
RE: Tyco RC Tumbler

ooh and for the record I replaced all the including batteries with the exception of the NiCadium battery, with brand new duracell Double A's. Still no performance change...

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 7/15/2005 12:37:50 AM |
Need Life

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RE: Tyco RC Tumbler

Yeah I bought mine too as soon as it was available.

Still haven't opened mine yet.

Might as well give it away

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