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  Keaton Batmobile
 From: Debbi | Posted: 6/22/2004 2:09:48 PM |

Keaton Batmobile

Who owns the real car???

 From: Chuck | Posted: 6/22/2004 2:41:59 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

If you find out who the current owner is could you please let me know.


 From: Kevin | Posted: 6/26/2004 7:41:18 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

There were two Keaton Batmobiles built for the movies. WB still own both of them, they are in storage. They were leased out to OnStar for 3 million dollars for a three-year tour. Both cars received a new gunmetal gray paint job and made several OnStar commercials.


 From: DARKMETHOD | Posted: 6/27/2004 4:53:16 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

didn't a guy won one from m tv when the batman movie came out in '89. i know, i tried calling in and winning it like 100 million times. but i know thaat in dallas, six flags over texas has a batmobile in a cave for visitors come by.

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 7/1/2004 1:48:24 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

From anonymous source:

"There were actually 9 cars built for the films. Each with very specific functions. Two shells were sent to England for use on the set of Returns. One of these cars was assembled by the FX team at Pinewood Studios to become the "turntable" car for use in the clown roasting scene. Both of these cars remain in England today. EVERY screen used car is serial numbered in 3 very specific places. Subsequent promotional cars are even numbered with the special "PR" prefix to their number."

 From: Taichi | Posted: 8/8/2004 4:39:44 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

The Car won in the MTV contest was won by a man in Virginia, I know this to be true, as I lived in Virginia Beach, at the time, and have seen the car myself, and have pictures of it.......

I do not know if it is an actual screen-used car, or a replica.....

I was led, at the time, to believe it was the real deal

 From: bibfortuna | Posted: 8/8/2004 6:19:50 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

Yes the MTV contest batmobile was won actually by a Navy man in Virginia Beach, VA. I know this because I have been a native of VA Beach my whole life and remember the contest. I have also actually seen the car and have pictures of it.

 From: Don | Posted: 10/11/2004 4:00:42 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

Hey Striderx,
You said the movie cars have serial number plates in 3 specific places. There's a car dealer near me that says he has one of the ones used in the movies. How can I confirm the authenticity of his Batmobile?

 From: Kevin | Posted: 10/12/2004 7:59:21 AM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

First off, WB owns both the screen used cars. Anyone claming that they own a screen used car is a liar. Barris has sold several Jay cars claming that they are screen used, with his documentation. He also claims that he build the cars as well, which is totally untrue. Barris has also sold 66 Batmobile claiming to be real numbered cars, and had gotten in trouble for it in the past.


 From: Don | Posted: 10/12/2004 12:02:39 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

Thanks for the info Kevin,
I was at another site and checked out the "requirements' WB has in the paperwork and see what you're saying- they wouldn't let the 'real' ones out without a profit for them.
Thanks again.

 From: zero_4t9 | Posted: 1/3/2005 10:17:03 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

i want that damn car in my driveway

 From: Seridus | Posted: 1/7/2005 1:15:37 PM |

I keep hearing "I want I want I want"

Damnit men... I am getting sick of saying I want the Batmobile and then coming to the realization that I can't have it, or at least, not for another 10 - 20 years. Let's just go take em. You said WB still has em in storage. Let's go drive em outta there, go to canada, and then outlaws with batmobiles. I mean, honestly, who's gonna catch us? We'll have jet engines, and even if they did miraculously catch up, what kind of cop in his right mind would pull over the batmobile? I mean... No human could do it. Anyway, I'll post later once I have devised a sure fire plan.

 From: starlight | Posted: 1/7/2005 1:57:41 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

Count me in your master plan, Darth Seridus.

 From: Jimmy | Posted: 1/7/2005 2:04:33 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

I think I'm too old for this forum...

 From: The Joker | Posted: 1/7/2005 2:40:19 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

Seridus, can I buy some pot from you?

 From: Seridus | Posted: 1/8/2005 12:07:01 AM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

No can do Joker. I was once in the crack business and all, but then everyone found out that I was really selling them ground up "smarties" candy. Let's just say that was a beating I wouldn't wanna get twice. The plan won't work. As it turns out, I went to the WB warehouse to do some recon, and I have concluded it is impossible to get in. They have laser fencing and machine guns every ten feet. They also have a team of about 6 people with strange and non-human powers that are part of a group called Foxhound. This group gaurds the warehouse tirelessly. I mean, It truly and regretibly is impossible for someone like us to get in. It is a job that only Solid Snake could do... but he won't do missions that have nothing to do with Metal Gears. Sorry guys.


By the by, anyone interested in buying some ground up smarties, we'll talk later.

 From: The Joker | Posted: 1/8/2005 11:14:29 AM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

I tell you what Seridus. You give me time to muster all of my men, then we can make a huge raid on the facility. Forget stealth.

"I say we break into the place, trash the office, make off with the records, and say it was industrial espionage."

 From: autoprops713 | Posted: 2/12/2005 2:22:10 AM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

All of the 1989 Keaton cars are housed over at the WB archives. We documented all of them when we did the 1/18 Hot Wheels 1989 car. The "hero" car was repainted dark grey for Onstar but the others are still black from Returns. Don't get me started on Barris. The man is full of crap and puts his name on anything with 4 wheels. Anyone ever see the Blade Runner Spinner with his name on it? Gene Winfield built those BTW.


 From: Tim | Posted: 2/12/2005 2:34:48 AM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

Hey Dave, that 1/18th is excellent. I know the car pretty well and I don't think you missed a thing. Do you know of any plans on doing the Tumbler? I know everyone says they hate it but I'll bet that after the movie comes out that will change.


 From: autoprops713 | Posted: 2/12/2005 2:52:29 AM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

Hey Tim,

Oh yeah...I did a lot on that car also before my Mattel split. The tumbler will come in many scales and everything from a highly detailed diecast model (I think in scale to the 89) to a Tyco RC version that when I saw it was about 2 1/2 feet long and even jumped! The collector version came from digital files from WB and looks great, get it!

BTW, Nathan Crowley who designed this thing brought over his original maquette he built BEFORE WB butchered it. Now THAT was cool looking. Basically a stealthy countach...much lower and aggressive than the current design.


 From: Tim | Posted: 2/12/2005 3:00:14 AM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

Excellent, that is what I wanted to hear. I know about the action figure toy tumbler and just read about the jumping Tyco RC and even a porcelain version (what?). I was hoping there would be a die-cast Tumbler that could stand up to the 89's quality AND that I wouldn't have to wait 15 years for.

 From: Jax | Posted: 2/12/2005 6:15:42 AM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

Dave, welcome to the board. We have been in dire need of someone like you for a long long time. There are tons of questions and just about as many guesses as to the answers. Without a doubt we all need to first stop and Thank you for your work on the 1/18th. Thank you for creating an amazing replica. My wife thanks you for me having to buy several of them and spending all of her money.:) But seriously GREAT JOB. I would love to see pictures of what your original looked like before it was messed up and Like Tim I would love to see pictures of the Tumbler. Anyway please shot me an email when you get time, boy do I have a story to tell you. Jack

 From: Jax | Posted: 2/12/2005 6:16:23 AM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

Tim, thanks for the email.

 From: autoprops713 | Posted: 2/12/2005 12:49:06 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

Limme see what I can dig up on the Tumbler. I left Mattel late last year and at that time we were just fiddling with what size to make it. The one big problem was just like the 1989 car problem, the box size. The 1/18 diecast 1989 Batmobile was SUPPOSED to be exactly 1/18. The problem was it wouldn't fit inside the standard Hot Wheels 1/18 box. I said so what, make a bigger box right? Nope. So now you guys have some funky 1/22.67 scale thingy. The Tumbler has a problem of being wide, and I think it was going into the box angled. Anyway, I'm sure you see the frustration here.

The car will have opening features and movable canards. Last I heard there were 2 planned...one in camo...the other black. Other than a boatload of SLA pattern photos...I don't have pics of the engineering or tooling prototypes. I'm sure some painted up models will be at Toy Fair in NY next week however.


 From: KeatonCar | Posted: 2/12/2005 12:59:53 PM |

RE: Keaton Batmobile

If the scale is wrong on the car, but the box says 1/18, isn't that falsely advertised information. Shit, I'm sueing.... let's hope they settle by supplying me with a proper 1/18 scale car... I'd settle for that.

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