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  Tumbler Dashboard
 From: Wayne | Posted: 6/20/2005 10:59:42 PM |

Tumbler Dashboard

I just came back from my second viewing and noticed that steering wheel and even dashboard disappear when the cockpit is slid open.

 From: Everett | Posted: 6/21/2005 1:11:02 AM |

RE: Tumbler Dashboard

Hmm.... Wonder if its a fluke... Gotta call somebody on this one...

 From: Dave | Posted: 6/21/2005 2:37:37 AM |

RE: Tumbler Dashboard

I believe that's a non-running car and everything is made up for that shot just for the roof retraction scene. Look how much room is in there when Bruce and Fox are test driving it, but Batman and Katie are really cosey. This is one Batmobile where the interior will never line up with the exterior and is a bit disappointing. Reminds me of the old Star Wars Millenium Falcon debates of interior versus exterior.

 From: Tim | Posted: 6/21/2005 8:02:24 AM |

RE: Tumbler Dashboard

Unfortunately that is true. On my 3/5 scaled version I was thinking about making it a one seater and putting the pedals in the "nose pod". Then I realized, of course, that you cannot see from the center position. I'm still working things out, including the final scale.

 From: Everett | Posted: 6/21/2005 10:18:32 AM |

RE: Tumbler Dashboard

Hmm... Tim 3/5 scale??? Nice

 From: Everett | Posted: 6/21/2005 10:22:54 AM |

RE: Tumbler Dashboard

Yeah this is the so called "electric version" and really you only see this scene for like a second cause hes jumpin in and out so fast. But no Tim your right theres alot of scale issues here that have to be overlooked when building this car. I havn't even figured out how I'm gonna do the interior of mine when I get that far. I'm still having trouble running both the 350 chevy and the electric motor on mine... electric motor you ask? STEALTH MODE: MUST HAVE

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