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  New Project
 From: Jack | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:29:33 PM |

New Project

Well I just thought I would share a few pictures of the 1/8th scale model that I bought. Of course these are the Before and I'll share the after when I'm done. Wish me luck.

 From: Justin | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:29:58 PM |

RE: New Project

Cool! a) where did you get it from and b) THAT IS ONE SEXY RED CAR in the background!

 From: Jack | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:30:05 PM |

RE: New Project

Doo Hee left a link to it on Ebay so I bought it. He says I owe him a finders fee of 10% or was it 20%.

The red car is a 1968 Camaro that I have had for 12 years and no it didn't look like that when I bought it. It's nice but it is no Batmobile.

 From: Justin | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:30:13 PM |

RE: New Project

Good things on my end, Jack. I will call you this week when something happens... I am very excited (as you know) and I am already making preparations.

 From: Jack | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:30:21 PM |

RE: New Project

Speaking of new projects. Justin, any new updates on yours?

 From: Jack | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:30:28 PM |

RE: New Project

It also came with these parts. Dave, what do you think is it the same as yours?

 From: Wayne | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:30:44 PM |

RE: New Project

Only thing I envy from old people are those classic muscle cars they bought when they were young.

Not to say that you're old Jack but .....

 From: Jack | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:30:52 PM |

RE: New Project

Ha ha good one. Not that old my clever friend.

 From: starlight | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:31:02 PM |

RE: New Project

That's the resin model that you always see on ebay once in a blue moon.
They usually go around for 250+ with outrageous shipping.

Once I've seen were smooth resin kits. Looks like somone messed it up and decided to sell it?

How accurate is this version compared to others?

 From: Jack | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:31:10 PM |

RE: New Project

This is the extremely battle damaged version. The ones that I had seen on Ebay before were cast off of the Richman's Batmobile and sold for around $100. This one is a lot larger then the Richman's, around 29". I'm not sure how accurate it is but I can tell you the interior is all wrong.

 From: Tim | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:31:17 PM |

RE: New Project

again, not new

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:31:23 PM |

RE: New Project

Check your cookies setting in your browser.
I just came to all 3 threads you posted 'not new' from the main page based on the new icons AFTER you posted'em.

 From: Tim | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:31:30 PM |

RE: New Project

Where are they? I went to "Tools > Internet Options > Advanced" but I don't see any cookie options?

 From: Jack | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:31:37 PM |

RE: New Project

I did a little sanding and added body filler to a couple of the bad spots and then sanded again. I sprayed it with a little black primer just for the heck of it. The other good news is that the Gothic Avenger body is ready to go back on to the frame. Hopefully I will be able to join the two tomorrow.

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:31:45 PM |

RE: New Project


 From: Tim | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:31:51 PM |

RE: New Project

Wow, really nice. Thanks for not sending me these photos...

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 4/30/2005 10:32:02 PM |

RE: New Project

Still waiting for my referral fee.....

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 6/3/2005 3:17:49 PM |

RE: New Project

Updates Jack?

 From: Jack | Posted: 6/3/2005 3:26:36 PM |

RE: New Project

Nope, just too busy with work, reading CLTC, and woring on the GA.

 From: timwylie | Posted: 12/15/2005 1:13:13 AM |
Silent Troll

Posts: 253
RE: New Project

Well, since this is already bumped, are there any updates on this? And why didn't this model come up in the whole studio 2 / large batmobile model topic?

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