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  Do you see what I see(pt. 2) ?
 From: Tim | Posted: 10/18/2005 2:41:20 PM |
Diablo Fuego

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RE: Do you see what I see(pt. 2) ?

I was wondering if that was yours...

 From: MARK TOWLE | Posted: 10/19/2005 10:27:15 PM |

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RE: Do you see what I see(pt. 2) ?


 From: youngbat | Posted: 10/20/2005 12:51:20 AM |

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RE: Do you see what I see(pt. 2) ?

yes Tim, you have no idea how much anguish I experienced watching almost everyone who had just brains enough to mix silicone together make and sell copies of that thing. Monsters in Motion, Bob Butts, Some guy in Germany, People here sold them to people in Japan. I have seen my statue in Japanese magazines. Global. Never made a dime myself. No one even gave me credit, or really cared at all. Just as long as they could get the damn thing, it doesn't matter. It shocked me to see how many people could be this cold. You sit behind your computer and watch as others make easy money from your intense work.. fun stuff!!!

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