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  Club CLTC
 From: Kevin | Posted: 6/4/2005 1:46:37 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

You too buddy

 From: Justin | Posted: 6/4/2005 1:59:41 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

Dammit I always get here late.

 From: Justin | Posted: 6/4/2005 1:59:58 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

Great to see you posting more, Kevin!

 From: Justin | Posted: 6/4/2005 2:00:39 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

Somebody mentioned the patent? Check out this page of my site:


 From: Justin | Posted: 6/4/2005 2:19:47 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

Wait, no. I am outta here. Just got a call and there is a Hookah bar calling my name. 11:21 pm and my night is just beginning. Talk to myself later!

 From: Baneful | Posted: 6/4/2005 5:22:02 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

I really didn't like the sterring wheel, so I opted for the flight yoke like the bat jet has in it. I think it should look much better.

That is freaking awesome!!!!

Can we please see pic of your airplane like cockpit and dashboard?

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 6/4/2005 5:42:03 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

Is there anyone not accessing this site from office b/c of the url?
You know chickslovethecar.com might look very suspicious to network admin monitoring your network activities.

 From: Doo Hee | Posted: 6/4/2005 6:07:25 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

You told me once you were contacted by Yvonne Craig.

I forgot to ask but what she want with you?

 From: Justin | Posted: 6/5/2005 1:22:11 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

She wanted his body, clearly.

Hey, what's this?
WAIT! I got it... Before black paint, right?

 From: Doo Hee | Posted: 6/5/2005 2:32:41 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

 From: Doo Hee | Posted: 6/5/2005 2:39:40 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

 From: Justin | Posted: 6/5/2005 2:56:55 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

What do we care about dried chicken?

 From: Doo Hee | Posted: 6/5/2005 3:03:25 AM |

RE: After Hours Club


Wow, I didn't know ezboard was attacked and historical backup erased.

And this on the same day I erase my own data b/c of my stupidity.

 From: Doo Hee | Posted: 6/6/2005 12:12:21 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

I could use a cold icy glass of..........................Kool Aid?

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 6/7/2005 12:44:18 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

Still haven't gotten my magazines yet.....

 From: Jack | Posted: 6/7/2005 3:07:37 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

That really sucks. Not for you but for us!! I figure it will take you at least a month to scan and post all of the pictures!! The longer you wait, the longer we wait!

 From: Jack | Posted: 6/7/2005 3:33:18 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

Call me a cab because I'm outta here.

 From: Justin | Posted: 6/7/2005 3:34:00 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

Talk to you tomorrow Jack!

 From: Tim | Posted: 6/7/2005 7:40:31 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

YAWN!! Where did everybody go?

 From: Tim | Posted: 6/8/2005 12:18:37 AM |

RE: After Hours Club


 From: Tim | Posted: 6/8/2005 12:19:17 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

I just unlocked the doors. Don't you guys want to come in?

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 6/8/2005 12:21:47 AM |

RE: After Hours Club


I just realized everyone just voluntarily(some even paid money) gave up their home addresses to Justin. What's to stop him from giving them to WB.

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 6/8/2005 12:22:21 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

I sorry.
I speak no engrish. I don't know cheeks love the car dot com

 From: Justin | Posted: 6/8/2005 12:25:51 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

My master plan has been set in motion!

 From: Jack | Posted: 6/8/2005 12:26:16 AM |

RE: After Hours Club

He's had my address for a very long time. That's one of the reasons I trust him so much.

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