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  How hard is it to?
 From: Donovan | Posted: 9/19/2004 4:45:01 PM |

How hard is it to?

Put more than 4 wheels on the car?
Say like two in front for steering and four in the back?
How financlly/mechanically difficult is that?

 From: The Joker | Posted: 9/19/2004 5:46:02 PM |

RE: How hard is it to?

It's only restricted by your imagination and your mechanic skills and your wallet.

 From: BATGOD | Posted: 7/27/2005 7:48:01 PM |
Look familiar?

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RE: How hard is it to?

Not as difficult as you might think.

Jay was the king of adding axles to cars, so I have a little experience with them myself.

Adding sets of wheels to the back is kinda like adding a trailer to the back of your car. The axles are added behind the drive axle and serve little purpose other than sharing the vehicle load.

The front is a little trickier. You can jump them right at the tie-rods. But you obviously need them to turn and to turn proportionately with the other sets of front wheels. But for a show car, you just align them with the other sets of front wheel assemblies and know that you're going to burn up some rubber in a turn and loose a little tire life.

I used to drive the Ferrari and the Benz limos quite often and the only noticeable difference in the multiple front wheels was a little extra stress on the power steering pump and subsequently the ease of steering. With the multiple rears... only the unexpected loss of traction on uneven road surfaces. When the drive axle wasn't making direct contact with the road, your tires squealed and smoked as they tried to grip.

No turning probs at all with Benz because it had one forward set of wheels and 4 rears. Just a bitch having to buy a whole bunch of matching tires whenever you blew one of them. Unmatching tires or wheels so close together just looks silly.

Hope this helps.

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