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  Who's getting this?
 From: Webmaster | Posted: 7/8/2004 3:59:54 PM |

Who's getting this?

Well if you're getting it from amazon, then do support the site and get it following the batmobile link on the left

 From: Donovan | Posted: 7/8/2004 4:11:03 PM |

RE: Who's getting this?

Just ordered it!

 From: Tim | Posted: 7/8/2004 6:03:12 PM |

RE: Who's getting this?

I just ordered it from Amazon through your link...

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 7/8/2004 6:18:23 PM |

RE: Who's getting this?

Thanks guys.

Here's a direct referral link

 From: DARKMETHOD | Posted: 7/8/2004 8:42:14 PM |

RE: Who's getting this?

already got it. i waited till best buy opened and ran in and got it.

 From: jimmy | Posted: 8/9/2004 8:29:43 AM |

RE: Who's getting this?

hay guys i would like to get it but first it will realy help me ot know if the box set is comming to australia because i realy want it and the fact i live in Australia aswell
but if not, if i bought it over the net and got it inported will it work on australian dvd players

 From: Donovan | Posted: 8/9/2004 10:24:31 AM |

RE: Who's getting this?

Not sure if boxset is coming to Australia.
But the US have region 1 and Australia have region 4.
So unless have region free dvd player, it won't work on your dvd player if you imported it.

 From: Darknight Detective | Posted: 8/13/2005 3:05:49 PM |
One Bad MoFo

Posts: 8
RE: Who's getting this?

I have that AND volume II, i need to get volume III next

Signature under construction, expect delays.

 From: Aussie_Batman | Posted: 8/13/2005 5:05:58 PM |
Beer Drinker

Posts: 142
RE: Who's getting this?

Got all 3 and now waiting for the Gotham Knights box to appear. And after that it will "The Batman" sets!!!

Wish WB would release JL in a similar form.

Hey Jimmy - purchased mine through Amazon - both my multiregion DVD plays it no prob and the kids ps2 plays it fine with some additional software.

Cheers from here!

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