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  Quick Driving Test Question
 From: Dee | Posted: 8/15/2005 10:11:07 AM |

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Quick Driving Test Question

Quick Question??

You are driving along a two lane road with a "no passing" sign posted,
and then you come upon a bicycle rider. Do you follow this slow moving
bicycle rider for the next 2 miles? Or, do you choose to break the law
by passing?

You make the choice.

What do you do?

Think hard b4 answering.

Ok. Now how many of you are law abiding citizens and are gonna stay behind the cyclist???

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 From: BatDemon | Posted: 8/15/2005 11:57:46 AM |

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RE: Quick Driving Test Question

do i risk getting a ticket for :

a) driving too slow and causing a traffic jam.
b) wrecking my car, because I can't keep my eyes on the rode
c) stalking, cause i'm so mesmerized, i inadvertantly follow her home.

 From: BATGOD | Posted: 8/15/2005 2:13:08 PM |
Look familiar?

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RE: Quick Driving Test Question

I follow her...

Out of that parking lot, ON to the bike path and anywhere she wants to go with complete disregard for any other pedestrians or cyclists that get caught under my wheels.

But in true James Bond/Batman fashion, I'd rather...

Use a gadget in my car to take out her rear tire and then drive up and offer her a ride home in her time of emergency.

Would be the only proper thing to do...

"Where does he get those wonderful toys?"
He MAKES them you idiot!

 From: Mr A | Posted: 8/19/2005 9:12:20 PM |
Mr A

Posts: 281
RE: Quick Driving Test Question

Just to be safe, you might want to tail her?

Mr A

 From: Mr A | Posted: 8/19/2005 9:13:27 PM |
Mr A

Posts: 281
RE: Quick Driving Test Question

She could be a CRIMINAL!!!

Mr A

 From: MARK TOWLE | Posted: 8/19/2005 10:40:56 PM |
Mach 5

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RE: Quick Driving Test Question


 From: Kory | Posted: 8/19/2005 10:43:23 PM |

Posts: 58
RE: Quick Driving Test Question

Wow brother we share alot of shit

 From: fanaticsincebirth | Posted: 8/21/2005 12:15:59 AM |

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RE: Quick Driving Test Question

I would drive in front of her, slowly

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