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Batmobile Forum

  BatGod, Mark T, Kevin, Jack and others...
 From: Wayne | Posted: 9/14/2005 5:12:39 PM |

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BatGod, Mark T, Kevin, Jack and others...

Can a driver be able to punch through the floorboard of your batmobile kit car and take out any foreign object that might be planted underneath?

 From: Kevin | Posted: 9/14/2005 8:04:01 PM |

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RE: BatGod, Mark T, Kevin, Jack and others...

My floorboards are 16 gauge galvanized steel double wall construction...
NO way!!

 From: MARK TOWLE | Posted: 9/14/2005 11:17:23 PM |

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RE: BatGod, Mark T, Kevin, Jack and others...


 From: Webmaster | Posted: 9/15/2005 12:33:05 AM |
Need Life

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RE: BatGod, Mark T, Kevin, Jack and others...

Batman did it.
He punched right through that floorboard

 From: Dee | Posted: 9/15/2005 6:02:39 AM |

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RE: BatGod, Mark T, Kevin, Jack and others...

Anyone ever notice that in Batman Returns, just b4 Batman rips off his cowl to Catwoman (sin that it is) he's not wearing any black eye paint. I've only just noticed that little unobtrusive detail.

 From: BatDemon | Posted: 9/15/2005 2:28:44 PM |

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RE: BatGod, Mark T, Kevin, Jack and others...

yeah I noticed the eye make-up thing while watching it on the big screen in the theatre, it was so glaringly annoying, I thought someone eff;d up in editing. still doesn't make sense, but fits into the next scene

 From: BATGOD | Posted: 9/15/2005 6:38:54 PM |
Look familiar?

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RE: BatGod, Mark T, Kevin, Jack and others...

Not a chance in hell!


The bellypan of the 89 is about 4 inches off the ground. Just slightly higher than an Indy car.

There isn't enough room to GET that device under the car in the first place.

My friend Fuller used to own that prop, it's like 7 inches tall. And the first thing they did is pull the car apart, how did they get a creeper under the car? They'd have had to use the power U-turn device and stop it in mid air. We've seen no sign of Indy-type air jacks on any of the cars.

So getting under there would have been next to impossible and there are so many better places to have planted that device that can't possibly be reached from the driver compartment.

Would have been cooler to have Batman clinging to the car at high-speed like Tom Cruise on the TGV.

"Where does he get those wonderful toys?"
He MAKES them you idiot!

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