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  Keaton in the new Batman movie?
 From: Justin | Posted: 11/18/2005 7:13:08 PM |

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Keaton in the new Batman movie?

I can't remember if I read this here or not... So I'm gonna post it anyways since I can't find the link. I saw a few websites confirming that KEATON'S name was being thrown around for the role of..... ~DRUMROLL PLEASE~ THE JOKER in the new Batman movie! Obviously nothing is solidified yet (maybe someone can run a Google search and find out more information. I have to coach a class in 15 minutes) but his name HAS been mentioned. HO-LY CRAP! Would that not be poetic justice or what? Simply amazing. Thoughts? Information to add? Photoshop manips (TIM)?

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 From: Justin | Posted: 11/18/2005 7:15:36 PM |

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RE: Keaton in the new Batman movie?

Here is one LINK. No time for more - gotta go!

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 From: Jack | Posted: 11/18/2005 7:28:32 PM |
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RE: Keaton in the new Batman movie?

Dream on, it will never happen.

 From: ILOVEBATMAN | Posted: 11/19/2005 12:45:51 AM |

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RE: Keaton in the new Batman movie?

Keaton is the man, I thkn he would kick all the other batmans's asses, excpet the new one I like the new movie, definately a way realer feal then the past 2 movies...=)

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 From: Jack Knight1979 | Posted: 11/19/2005 11:30:15 AM |

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RE: Keaton in the new Batman movie?

never happen

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 From: Dee | Posted: 11/19/2005 11:49:46 AM |
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RE: Keaton in the new Batman movie?

From DH. (Dark Horizon) not our own DH

With the "Batman Begins" DVD almost upon us, rumours have begun ramping up again about the proposed sequel - mostly in relation to the title. Today a scooper by the name of 'Washington Post' has sent along a good summation report of where the project stands, re-iterating some old points, washing away others and adding one or two new rumours to the mix:

"I've read a heap of CRAP on sites about the film being called THIS or THAT, and that it's going to star HIM or HER, and have THAT character in it. I can tell you that MOST of it - isn't true.

Firstly, this guy, Lachy Hulme must be tooting his own horn. He's apparently known as the "who is this guy?" around the Bat-traps. I don't think he's got much of a chance in The Joker stakes. Paul Bettany, on the other hand, he's definitely one that's been discussed. Mark Hammil? Crispin Glover? Sean Penn? - BS. Several names have been mentioned, branded about - in addition to Bettany - like Ryan Reynolds, Michael Keaton (no kidding), and Johnny Depp - but its way too early to be saying so-and-so has got the role.

OK, next. Katie Holmes - despite what the press is saying, how she wrecked the film and all - will be back. She might not be back (SPOILER ALERT) for the whole movie (SPOILER END), but she will be back.

HARVEY DENT will be in the film. He won't be TWO-FACE until the sequel after, but he will be a main part of the next sequel. At the moment, it looks like Liev Schrieber, has got the gig. Also returning are Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Linus Roache. The same effects team, composer James Newton Howard, the same costume designer - all back.

Couple of new 'secondary' characters (like 'Falcone' was in the last one) here too. One being talked about - Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin. They're working on costume mocks for that now - I don't know that it's for sure that Cobblepot will 'transform' in this one though, or that they're just going to introduce him. They want a (kinda amusing) "Harvey Weinstein" type - but not necessarily a naturally-fat guy - just someone that can pull it off effectively".

Don't expect much in the way of official answers to questions either. In an interview this week, Chris Nolan repeatedly said he couldn't go into details about the sequel.

Thanks to 'Ray'.

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 From: Kory | Posted: 11/19/2005 11:51:33 AM |
Shut up!!!

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RE: Keaton in the new Batman movie?

They need someone younger. (No old Jokers)


 From: BigGuido | Posted: 11/19/2005 4:15:25 PM |

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RE: Keaton in the new Batman movie?

I think Keaton would be terrific as the Joker. He may be 53 years old, but he is in terrific shape for his age. I think he could pull it off in a way that Jack Nicholson only dreamed about. No over the top crap, Keaton would bring a truly psycho edge to the Joker that we've only seen in the comics. Al you have to do is watch 'Pacific Heights' to know that he is the man for the job.

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 From: Mr.Wright | Posted: 11/19/2005 4:18:00 PM |
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RE: Keaton in the new Batman movie?

YOu don't have to go as far as Pacific Heights.

Beetlejuice will do

 From: Jack | Posted: 11/19/2005 4:23:56 PM |

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RE: Keaton in the new Batman movie?

Nope he would suck as the Joker. It would end up being Batman vs Beetlejuice.

 From: BigGuido | Posted: 11/19/2005 4:38:09 PM |

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RE: Keaton in the new Batman movie?

Nah, I don't think so, not with Nolan directing and Goyer's script. Look at the performances in the Batman Begins. Keaton wouldn't just crank out a Beetlejuice ripoff. He is a truly wonderful actor and has far greater range than he is given credit for.

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