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Batmobile Telephone Back

Flashing headlights indicate incoming call
Out of Print
  • Flashing Headlights Indicate Ringing
  • Flash Call Waiting
  • The Mute Switch allows you to talk privately while holding a call
  • Last Number Redial
  • Tone/Pulse
  • Ringer On/Off Switch
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    got one for my son years back he didn't like it sooo I have one still in box-anyone intetrested?

    never mind
    can u buy them?
    I've one in my bedroom, one in my workroom. I picked one up (mint, in box) for a ten quid in Cardiff Indoor Market a few years ago! When I was in New York new years my missus bought me the Johnny Lightning 40's Batmobile kit - on sale for 20 bucks. It's currently sitting on my coffee table waiting to be assembled. I'm having a crisis of conscience at the moment of whether or not to put it together or keep it in the box. At the moment, I want to see it in one piece, 'parked' on my coffee table so much... cheers from an old-time Batfan ( 44 years and still hooked)from Wales

    got one of these, cool phone for my batcave SB
    Scottish Batman

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