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Hotwheels Batmobile 1/64 2-Car Set Back

Open Box
Open Box
Open Box
Rear View
Display Box
You cannot get the shielded version seperately
1 : 64
Limited Release
As a sleek roadster, the Batmobile is unstoppable on the tough terrain of Gotham City. Designed to handle razor-sharp turns at blinding speeds, the vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 90 mph in mere seconds, catching any adversary foolishy enough to escape.
But in the heat of battle, the Batmobile is ready to rumble as a full-force armoed vehicle. Batman's voice-activated controls transform his racing machine into central command, providing him all the protection needed to complete his mission.
Armed with everything from axle grenades to bullet-proof plating, there is no doubt Batman drives the hottest wheels in town!
  • Limtied Edition for the Adult Colletors
  • Full die cast model
  • Includes hotwheels batmobile 1/64 diecast and vehicle in armored state
  • High quality collector's display case
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    Where can I find the batmobile two car set?

    and ! Where do I get it and where is ?
    Bat dude


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