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Richman Toy's Radio Controlled Batmobile Back

This car is really big!
This car is really big!
This car is really big!
Expensive, too
Optional Carrying case that is also expensive
1 : 10
Out of Print
  • Officially Licensed by DC COMICS
  • Each Car Serial Numbered for Collectability
  • Fully Assembled and Ready to Run
  • 1/10th Scale(21 inches long) Electric Powered
  • High Power Radio Control System (1/4 mile range)
  • Variable Speed REsistor Speed Control with Reverse
  • Fully Proportional Steering
  • Operating Front and Rear Suspension
  • Oilite Wheel Bushings
  • Planetary Gear Differential RS-540 Motor
  • High Torque Servos
  • High Performance Foam Tires
  • Operating Headlights and Tailights(sold seperately)
  • Armored Shields Carrying Case(sold seperately)
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    LMFAO looks like hes farting FLAMES!!!!!!!!

    I have just put a Richman Batmobile with lights installed and the cocoon on Ebay as of July 15, 2006. Mine is in great condition. Just search for it and you'll find it. jrice73
    We have the old Rich Man's inventory of radio controlled Batmobiles. We sell them as new ready to run cars or kits.
    RC Car Kings  

    Hi, I'm now looking for the cocoon case only. But if you have a richman batmobile for sale at a reasonable price email me at pogsh@yahoo.com. Thanks! Today is June 02, 2006.

    Hi, i'm still looking for a richman batmobile with light kit. If you have the carrying case, that's good too. email me. Thanks!

    Batmobile for sale on eBay.com Starting Bid is $200 Listing Name: Richman's Toys Batmobile w/Case Start time: Wednesday, Apr 12, 2006 at 09:30 AM PDT

    I have a Richman Toy's Radio Controlled Batmobile and I want to sell it. I don't have de carry-box, but I think I have all the other things that all of you mentioned. If anyone is interested, email me. Carlos
    Carlos Martínez  

    how much for the light kit e-mail me @ kageki86@aol.com
    :I am looking to buy the cocoon or shield carrying case for the rich man's batmobile.
    dennis stone  

    Batman origin 72 of 500 signed by Kane and Origin of Robin low number signed by kane. joel 516-906-0673
    joel grantj  

    Batman origin 72 of 500 signed by Kane and Origin of Robin low number signed by kane. joel 516-906-0673
    Have forsale batman beautiful wall collection pieces.
    joel grant  

    i have a richmanss batmobile s.n.00749 i used it alot when i was a kid, i got it brand new, im looking to sell it complete or for parts, only piece im missing is the battery holder for the controller, has far has the car its still in pretty good shape...if interested e-mail me at palmdale420boy@yahoo.com
    Serious collector. Looking to purchase the Richman Batmobile w/ light kit and carrying case. Recent price on Ebay at $375 reserve did not sell, so try to be reasonable. Must be mint, opened is fine, but must have everything. Please email mstinedurf@yahoo.com

    I need somemore Richmans for Sale, if you have any give me a buzz, I would like to purchase them if possible

    how much is the Rich Man's Batmobile worth today?
    you too shadow! or anyone selling a richman batmobile. email me. it's jan. 10, 2006.

    hey keith! been tryin to reach you regarding your batmobile. email me at pogsh@yahoo.com. send me some pics & details of the car's condition ok? thank!


    Hi all, Olivier from Brissels, Belgium. I'm looking for the kit lights and protective cas upgrades for the 1989 Batmobile by RichMan's Toys. New, 100% mint + original box if possible. Can anybody HELP me, I can pay with Paypal or Bipday your choice. Thanks a lot -> odelflas@hotmail.com

    looking for richmans batmobile. mint if not brand new. with light kit if possible. don't care much about the cocoon case but if available so much the better. also looking for dark knight collection batmissile. mint or brand new. email me. send pics & details & price. serious sellers only please. thanks!

    I have the rich man car and would like the light kit if someone can offer information. I will not pay ebay price of 300+ US for 6 LEDS. pls email

    I have a '89 Richman Batmobile I would like to sell. The box is in not to bad of shape. The car has NEVER been used. No batt, no case, no light kit. E-mail for more info.


    Ronald andrews  

    Batmobile/carrying case/remote/2batteries/charger.... $300
    satya osawa  

    I know, I know...You're tired of looking at me. Well, one last question. I need to know what specific type of battery pack to put in the Batmobile. I've seen some that are 7.4volts and some that are 8.2volts. Which one will best fit my needs... Thanx again...

    I now have the car, but I am sill looking for the carry case and maybe the lights package. Any information in regards to either including: price to expect to pay, pay no more than, someone who's selling, an EBAY item number, or good questions / things to inquire about the item before purchase, please email me...

    I am looking, seriously, for one of these Batmobiles, with lights and carry case in as close to mint as possible... I will pay good money, but will laugh in the face of anyone trying to get rich off of me quick... Serious sellers only. I want a complete DETAILED description of any marks, scratches, dings, or any signs of wear. Hook me up people, as Batman himself, I can't go without...

    I have the 1989 Rich Man's Toys Batmobile for sale. I have the light kit, but I have to dig around to find it since I have moved three times since I originally purchased the car. The box is in decent shape and came with a few dings and scratches and banged corners. (I almost cried when I bought it because I was expecting it to be mint but the comic dealer I ordered from couldn't refund my money because it was special order.) I has been used outside and as such has some scuffing on the bottom. The car is in excellent condition (running) otherwise with no cracks to the shell. Serial number is 01362. I have the manual, the original remoteand even the little yellow flag that attches to the antenna. I do have the instructions for the light kit as well. This thing is fast, I used to race neighborhood kids on there bikes; they loved it. Of course one kid blew it when he intentionally tried to run it over on his bike. So I packed it up and never brought it out again.

    i love this car and i also upgraded the for more power!
    david romero  

    david romero  

    Hey there! email me if you have th elight kit and or the carrying case...email me!
    Jupiter Jimmy  

    i now have all the parts for the richmans batmobile. e-mail me and i'll give you a copy of the list, i also have the car brand new ready to ship, comes with lynx sport radio, original manuel no box and batteries not included if intrested i am selling them for $195.00 + $15.00 S/H. via UPS Ground insured. Paypal or money order, thanks

    Hello, looking for the metal battery cover for my 89'batmobile. thanks
    T To  

    I have a 89 Batmobile for sale with box, has been out of the box once. If you are interested contact me.

    If anyone is interested, I am selling the same car with case and lights as above on ebay. Item number 5978472439
    looking for a r/c batmobile? identical to the pictures above w/carrying case, 2 batteries. e-mail me if you are interested

    You can get replacement from any hobby shop. I got one replaced and it works like a charm.
    Anybody know where to get a replacement battery for the Richmans?

    Hi, anyone selling the cocoon and/or light kit to Richman's Batmobile? Would love to here from you.

    I am interested in buying an 89 Richman Batmobile for my collection. If anyone is selling, please e-mail me. thanks Frank

    I"m looking for the bottom cover for the battery for mine. Anybody selling pieces?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has the light kit for the Richman R/C or if they know where I can acquire one. Thanks!
    David G.  

    Hi every one, How much was this new? And dose anyone know what happend to RichMan's Toys Inc???
    What's in a Name  

    Have Richman Batmobile with running lights used once mint, box 90% for sale.

    i have one for sale please email for details thanks chris
    Chris Kilander  

    I have a 1989 Richman Batmobile that has been out of the box once several years ago. Never used. Interested in selling but not sure what the best method would be. It is the basic kit. no light kit or cocoon case and did not come with battery/charger.

    help! i am looking for the richman's batmobile from 1989 for my batmobile collection, i would like to find one new in the box if possible. i would also like to find the light kit and cocoon case for it, this would be my birthday present to myself.thanks batman/batmobile fans,john.
    john and mary  

    Hi, I have the Richman Batmobile RC(Unused,never operated) with light kit for $350.00(complete with box and papers), if interested. I can also send pictures by request. Serious inquires only.
    Peter Scott  

    Satya Osawa, The batmobile with complete carrying case would be worth around $400 on ebay.

    i have one of these batmobiles complete with carrying case. there is a slight bend on the front left side of the bumper guard... other than the blemish its great. does anyone know how much this is worth?
    satya osawa  

    I puchased my r/c batmobile back in '89....never operated....still in box.I too am in the market for the carry case & light set.....please e-mail if you're able to assist. Many Thanks.
    Bat This  

    This "Batmobile" is a definite keeper, any idea of this model for anywhere? Anybody have an idea as to the current selling price for a collectable such as this? $20.00 is a great price for this "extraordinary" version of the Dark Knight's rolling arsenal! Sincerely, Capn' Greenshirt..."Onward and Upward"
    Capn' Greenshirt  

    YEs..I just came across this site and I went up and checked and the Remote Control Batmoblie I got at a garge sale for 20 bucks might be worth something. Well I too want to light kit and carrying case..Pls forward any info..ty

    anyone who has the head and taillights for sale ? THANKS !!
    werner t. kortekaas  

    Do you know of anyone with the Armored Shield's Carrying Case for Sale?
    Herman Woods  


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