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  Batmobile in car shows
 From: blkbat | Posted: 7/27/2005 12:19:21 PM |

Posts: 20
Batmobile in car shows

I am fairly new at doing car shows and I was wondering what the going rate is for putting a Batmobile in a car show. I know it's the old supply and demand thang and I realize that the promoter usually will pay for milage, motel, and display as well as allowing you the right to take photos for profit.

What are you guys charging to show off your Batmobile? I know price varies in different parts of the country.

 From: Kevin | Posted: 7/27/2005 12:56:15 PM |

Posts: 906
RE: Batmobile in car shows

That is probably the fastest way to get sued by WB. There are only a few individuals allowed to show their cars for profit, WB owns the rights to Batman Batmobile Bat..... Their are some people that remove all the bats and refer to their cars as some type of crime fighting vehicle, you still are pushing your luck.

 From: blkbat | Posted: 7/27/2005 1:24:53 PM |

Posts: 20
RE: Batmobile in car shows

So, you can't actually advertise it as a Batmobile but you can call it something like the Gotham Cruzier and get away with it.
Wasn't for sure how that would work. I know that there are a few Bats here that show up every once in awhile. They look like Bats but are not called Bats.

So once the 89 Pat. has expired, the only thing that you can do legally is cruise without metion of a Batmobile.
That sucks.

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