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 From: Dee | Posted: 8/9/2005 5:25:19 PM |

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Taut a funnies page would be ok. If anyone dissagrees we wont use it.

This rabit is running along when he comes across a giraffe rolling a fat joint. He goes over to the Giraffe and says "You don't wanna do that, it's bad for you, why don't you come for a run with me?" "I suppose you're right", says the Giraffe, and they go off running together.
A short while later they come across a snake. The snake is making a line of coke and is just about to snort it when the rabbit says "You don't wanna do that, it's not good for you. Come for a run with me." The snake looks at the coke in front of him and agrees with him. So the three of them set off running (The snake is obviously not running but slithering next to them) After a while they come across a lion. The lionis hot-spooning heroin. The rabbit says "You definately don't want to do that. It's lowest of the low. Come running with us." At this point the lion jumps up and beats the shit out of the rabbit. The giraffe and snake are appaled by this attack, and ask him why the fuck he did that. The lion replied, "Every time that cunt is on Ecstacy he wants me to run with him!!!"

 From: Webmaster | Posted: 8/9/2005 5:28:27 PM |
Need Life

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RE: Funnies

I am at work and I just LOL'ed.

I'm getting evil looks right now...

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