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  Model Kit Woes
 From: Loneknight | Posted: 3/28/2006 3:21:00 PM |

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Model Kit Woes

So I know that most of the topics on here are about building the real cars, but until I rob a bank, win the lottery or earn a decent inheritance from a long-lost relative, I'm stuck with scaled styrene plastic. It's not all that bad though.

So for those who have built the Batman movie models, which one have you found to be the easiest? Hardest?

Right now I got a '95 Kilmermobile on my workbench. The insets for the engine have been coated with a sapphire blue and set into the body. I think the interior is a joke...has to be the simplest cockpit I've ever seen on a Batmobile. Overall, it has got to be the easiest I've put together in a long time. Just all the details I'm adding to it and letting the paint dry is the slow part.

I know, I need to take some pictures. I'll try and get some in-progress pics as well as shots of my already completed '89 mobile, missile, skiboat, etc.

 From: Hassiem | Posted: 3/28/2006 4:03:07 PM |

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RE: Model Kit Woes

I'll be lookin for those pics

 From: Jack Knight1979 | Posted: 3/28/2006 4:45:59 PM |

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RE: Model Kit Woes

pics, pics, pics!

I don't have a batmobile, but I have a remote R2-D2

 From: Loneknight | Posted: 3/29/2006 4:14:32 PM |

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RE: Model Kit Woes

A full size remote control R2....

....but does it have a built-in tazer?

I saw this picture of Lucas:

Looks like he's nervous about shaking hands. Like someone is going to grab him and hold him at gunpoint until he releases the original trilogy, pre digital crap.

And sorry guys...I know I owe you all pictures. Last night I had some crap to deal with, so I got a bit done on the car, but couldn't find the freakin' camera until this morning. By then it was too late and I had to get to work.

They're on the way.

 From: Jack Knight1979 | Posted: 3/29/2006 4:40:00 PM |

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RE: Model Kit Woes

George was nervous.
There was about 30 r2 builders in a room. He just wanted to see the droids, not the builders. He's not a people person, that's for sure.

I don't have a batmobile, but I have a remote R2-D2

 From: Loneknight | Posted: 3/30/2006 12:15:16 PM |

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RE: Model Kit Woes

Alright guys, the moment you've all been waiting for...


First up: My work space....

The wife and I live in a one bedroom apartment, so this is all I got to work with...an old beat-up printer stand with non-working radio.
The good news is that it's out in the living room, so I can watch TV while building.
You might see some oddities that I have yet to address: an original Knight Rider model kit produced by MPC back in the day. It's up there because I need to fix the paintjob on the hood, replace the side mirrors and re-set the upper console. Other things as well. It looks cramped, and while it is I make the most out of my little space.

Some parts I had waiting for assembly. If you can see it, the chromed parts were dulled down using a coat of stainless steel. It opted for a more muted look on the car, despite the blue "ribs".
You'll also see the ass of the car sticking out of the box. This is because, if you notice, the afterburner is on the back, and recently cemented. This way, it wouldn't fall off.
I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but the entire paintjob is done through Tamiya paints. In my honest opinion, I have never been more happier with their paints, especially the kind I use for all of my Bat-models. Once I found their Black Metallic Spray paint, I was in love. This paint is perfect for the Batmobiles because it gives a nice medium between a dull, metallic look, but also adds just a hint of shine.

I'm a model builder, not a photographer.
This is a shot of the canopy, and I was trying to get a better shot of the paintjob. You can see those little glints in the paintjob...those are metal flakes. It looks so much better in person, and I wish I had the knack for taking better pictures.
Oh well. Slicing my hands up with an xacto knife will have to do.

First shot of the body. This looks kind of glaring, but keep in mind the car isn't done yet. I just got the cockpit in and started to place the "grille" on the front of the car.
The Sapphire Blue I used on it may look obscene in these pictures, but in normal light (I used flash to get these, by the way) it actually blends in very well.

Another shot of the front of the body. I was actually able to get the bottom chassis mounted to the body, and got the last of the grille in last night. Unfortunately, my camera died and I had no spare batteries.
It just means more pictures for later.
And poor KITT just sitting in the background. Don't worry buddy, I'll get to ya soon enough (I feel like I work in an ER for all the models that got busted up during moving).

I almost feel insulted because this cockpit is so damn simple. I mean, the cockpit on the Bat-skiboat was more complex than this!!!
Nevertheless, I added the blue inbetween the driver and passenger seat, killed most of the chrome on the dash, and set the decals. Not much to do here....except maybe blow it up.
Nah...I'll leave that for some hyper-active nut in green tights.

I got this last night from Ebay, and inbetween waiting for parts to set up I got some work done on this. Yes folks, it is the "completely useless" Batboat from the same movie. Still, I love the way this thing looks. Even with the ribbing and front "spearhead" together, a different paintjob, this would look really nice.

Another shot of the boat. I don't have the Batwing yet, but if it's as quick to build as these two kits, I'll have no problem completing my Forever model collection.

Finally, this shot showing a poor, pathetic excuse of what happens when I get too anal-retentive with a model. This is the main body of the Clooneymobile from...that one movie.
Initially, I had a gloss-black paint job on the entire thing. Yes, it was once all put together. When I started really getting into model building and noticed a lot of details that I lacked putting in, I ripped the whole thing apart, sanded down all the pieces, and now....well, that was over 5 years ago. Since then, I've been reluctant to work on this heap because it's been a hassle.

Why am I building all of these, short of being an anal-retentive model builder who loves Batman? These are for my low-key collection, plus they are a way to figure where lights are going to work into on the next versions.
My ultimate plan would be to build the same kits, except rig them with lights and place them in a custom-built "cave" display. I've already started sketching ideas, but it's a long way off because I still need dupes of all the kits, plus I'm not electrical savvy...my wife is though.

So there you have it. I know, I can't take a picture worth a damn, but once i get this beauty done I'll take some better pictures.

Oh, and thanks to this site for helping me with reference pics!

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