Don Currie's turn key build that fell apart
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Posted 1/31/2013 10:51:29 PM

Resident CLTC

Resident CLTC

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Did you save the whole thread, I would like a copy?

Don started his crap on Jim of Bat Rodz board, he just never learns...

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Posted 2/12/2013 10:36:07 AM

Resident CLTC

Resident CLTC

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Don Curry made comments on the 66 board trying to blame the owner of the Batmobile he built for the problems of his build.



I spoke with Lenny Robinson on the phone last night; we discussed the Crapmobile that Don Curry built for him. He was highly upset and rightfully so. Don actually drew up the build specification to Lenny’s Crapmobile and agreed on the build process. Lenny was to get a custom frame with a new engine, tranny, pretty much everything new. What Lenny got was a pile of junk, the tranny was rebuilt and not the newer Vette tranny that was paid for. None of the tail lights, turn signals worked that he paid for. The speedometer and almost all the gauges that he paid for didn’t work. The roll top dash he wanted didn’t work. The tires were mismatched and the car was not aligned so the tires wore out on the way home. The electric hood lift was not wired or attached to the hood that he paid to have been done.

On the way home the hood blew off, Don did however send a replacement upper hood but not the liner. The hood that was sent to him had no jell coat and was raw fiberglass and it was cut down the middle for ease of shipment. Lenny didn’t know what to do with the hood, it was warped and flimsy totally unusable in his words. Lenny told me that when he complained about the sad shape of his build, Don said that it was a show car and not a daily driver. Lenny reaffirmed to Don that in the contract his car was supposed to be a car used on long trips to children’s hospitals.

Lenny said that this was not acceptable and it was only fair that he paid back 25 grand at $1,000 a month for the next two years. And if he would not that he was going to take legal action against him.

If you don’t believe me feel free to contact Lenny on Facebook, he can confirm what I have said and even more…

Everyone needs to keep the pressure on Don till he makes good on his promises!

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Posted 3/7/2013 10:06:07 PM

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I just realized Lenny Robinson is the same guy whose Lambo was cited on his way to children's hospital last year.
Does he also have an '89?


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Posted 3/11/2013 1:13:14 AM

Resident CLTC

Resident CLTC

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Yes this is the very same man what a great guy...

I was visited by Lenny Roberson yesterday and his 66 Batmobile. Lenny travels all around the U.S. with his Batmobile visiting Children’s Hospitals dressed as Batman making children’s wishes in some cases last wishes come true, to meet Batman and see the Batmobile. Lenny is sanctioned by Warner Brothers; a large part of expenses for this endeavor is funded by Lenny himself and donations from his contributors. What Lenny does for infirmed children is commendable.

Shortly after receiving his Batmobile from his builder the hood blew off in traffic and was destroyed. Another hood was sent to him to replace the damaged hood and contained no jell coat and was cut in half to facilitate shipping. The hood was warped and totally unusable. I offered to replace his hood at cost. I took measurements from his hood opening and we were able to fabricate a hood to replace the missing one.

When Lenny contacted me after visiting two hospitals in my state, his car had broken down again and was being repaired before meeting up with me. He stated that the motor was not running properly and the technicians were working on the vehicle noticed that the motor mounts were loose and the motor had gone unchecked would possible fallen through causing catastrophic results.

Lenny finally arrived around 1700hrs and we drove over to the shop to insure the hood would fit his Batmobile and fortunately it did. He didn’t have enough time to leave the car with us to have the hood fitted and mounted to his car so we arranged shipping to have his new builder to attach the hood to the vehicle.

We spent the reminder of the evening going over the problems with his car. Lenny told us that he went over all the specifications of the car with his builder just what he wanted to have incorporated in his car and his builder assured him that he could make this build happen. Lenny’s builder drew up the contract himself adding each of the requested build listed items.

Lenny showed us the bubbling and blistering paint throughout the body. The fiberglass was very thin in areas of the body and the fiberglass was split and cracking through the paint in the rear of the body. The entire lower section of the body was covered with chip guard “undercoating” in an attempt to hide the panel warpage. The red trim paint was only painted on one side of the edges.  The two rear Drag Bags were cheaply made and had no pull lines attached. The canopy trim was not fitted to the glass and had gaps throughout the canopy the trim was bent aluminum “L” channel. The canopy glass didn’t fit the beacon arch; a large bracket was installed to act as a stand-off. The rear package tray was what appeared to be metal siding cut to fit, not very authentic. Door poppers were contracted and paid for; they were installed but never worked.  The vehicle frame was a custom designed Art Morrison chassis, very nice. The Wilwood Calipers either were not torqued properly or Loctite was not used, the bolt came out and the front brake bound up on the rotor and locked up on the vehicle.

Lenny contracted and paid for a roll top dash that he did not receive.

He contracted and paid for a custom aftermarket pistol shifter that he did not receive.

A back up camera and monitor that he did not receive, a C6 new transmission that was contracted and paid for and did not receive. He did hover receive a used C4 tranny.

A high end stereo system with large power speakers that was contracted and paid for and did not receive. He did however receive a FM radio cassette player.

None of the gauges that were contracted for worked or the lighting worked.

He contracted for an enclosed double battery system that he did not receive. He did however receive a used battery and open tray.

None of the turn signals, stop or back up lights worked.

The tires were mismatched.

The power steering pump did not work.

The trunk and hood was to be opened electrically with actuators.

There was no actuator on the rear trunk lid and the front actuator was not connected just hanging from the lower mount.

The car had serious overheating problems,

Lenny had a local fabricator box in the radiator and installed a much larger electrical fan installed, and this cured the overheating problems. A small 2” box was installed behind the front grill but not wired in. this was supposed to be a horn for the vehicle.  

I know there are more problems with Lenny’s build but this is all I can remember at this time. The contract and the Batmobile was built by Don Currie .

 Lenny and Me...

Missing hood

2" horn behind grill

Paint missing on tail fins...

Fit & Finnish trunk and doors improper alignment & crack in fiberglass...

Bubbling in paint...

Gas door doesn't fit properly & just flops around...

Radar antenna doesn't work at all just a static prop.

Window trim gaps...

Actuator hanging in engine bay...

More to come...




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Posted 3/11/2013 3:51:50 PM

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You know... as I was reading your post i thought the info may be biased since you and Don have history of forum wars but then you actually praised the chassis and posted photo.
Hopefully now that everything is out in the open Don can stop trolling or threatening people on facebook.
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Posted 3/11/2013 7:37:43 PM

#1 Batmobile Builder

#1 Batmobile Builder

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The age old question "How does Don Curry have time to work on cars when he's always trolling and harassing people" have finally been answered.

Answer: He doesn't!

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Posted 3/11/2013 8:45:28 PM

Resident CLTC

Resident CLTC

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What I have a real problem with is that this individual claims to be a Master Builder and a professional technician. His work present and past says otherwise...

This Batmobile was promoted as a Bob Butts body; it is clearly not a Butts Batmobile as Don has claimed to the client. Also the neutral safety switch in the transmission was not hooked up. The vehicle can be started in gear. When started it would immediately take off in the direction the car was pointed. As we were riding down the road I asked Lenny don’t we need to wear seat belts his reply was “no because neither of the two seats were bolted to the floor!” This build was a three year endeavor for Don, considering that Don holds no real job and the amount of money involved he could have built a much better Batmobile for his client.

As for his 89 Batmobile Lenny stated to several people in Greg’s fiberglass shop that the 89 Batmobile was nothing more than a pile of junk that was thrown together. He went on to say that Don was unable to get it to run or a drivable condition. Lenny did say that Don did what he could do with the car then turned it over to the client to get it into drivable condition.

Rear package tray is nothing more than cut and fitted metal siding.

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Posted 3/11/2013 9:05:52 PM
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Master recaster claims his body is Bob Butts. Why am I not surprised.
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Posted 3/11/2013 11:16:27 PM
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Just wondering. . .no offense to anyone meant. . . If the car was THAT bad, why was it being driven? Or better yet, how COULD it have been driven. Seems to me it should have fallen apart within five miles of first being driven. Again, NO OFFENSE MEANT TO ANYONE!

To build the impossible dream . . .
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Posted 3/12/2013 12:19:23 AM

Resident CLTC

Resident CLTC

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The car has broken down a lot.

Lenny has spent thousands of his own money straighten this car out. Lenny was to meet with me on Wednesday but it was broken down in Delray Beach. We didn't get to meet until Saturday.

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