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Posted 6/11/2012 12:51:42 AM

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By: Frank Larrea
Love those batmobile cars I always interested in seen in person since I was little the first one was in 1966 when the original one came out. Now I still wish I can see them but my luck has turn for worse specially now i am ill I am Dad of three kids the Government terminated our contract of work no more work unemployment wont help us no more and Wellfaire Government has shut the door's for help and my family of five, the next couple day's my family and I will loose next is our SUV truck and then are house my wife has part time job which we get by barely plus I have diabetes now and I dont even have help from a Health coverage sorry for telling my sob story but I think somebody should know specially when I was there helping the Government in 911 as a law enforcement officer which they forget and now I am about to be homeless without a job I am 45 and now I have to go to back to school for a new occupation hopefully I get financial help? Wow what a life someday I just want to cry!
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Posted 6/11/2012 12:51:47 AM

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By: Vale
Hi! I'm italian, so sorry for my English ^^' I URGENTLY need all kinds of information about the mechanics of the car and the pneumatic operation of opening of the canopy. Thanks a lot!!
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Posted 12/9/2015 4:51:47 PM
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