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Posted 9/24/2013 7:42:13 PM

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My last post was December 2012? Sheesh, time marches on!
So, just an update, The A-Team got sold to Switzerland to a star car fan, The Shaguar got hit from behind by a Taxi driver not paying attention and TOTALED it!

So, What's a normal guy to do? I can't drive my batmobile every day, so I bought a Jurassic park Explorer, while I looked to replace my Shaguar!

Found a great Shaguar Donor, but it's silver, and like brand new - so I don't have the heart to paint the flag on it just yet. Enjoying the pretty jag as is. Took it on the track, and got 153 mph out of it! Super fun car.

Please follow us on facebook to see all we are doing. [url]]

Now that I have something to drive again, I think I can make some decisions that will get my OTHER batmobile on the road.... Miss you guys! You can email about non-bat stuff now and then too, ya know!

Now I remember, it's a giant pain in the Arse to post photos and links here!! grrr.
Anyway, onward and upward!

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Posted 9/25/2013 1:10:16 PM

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Hey saw the pictures with alex new nose !!!! That. Is the best jurassic explorer I've ever seen fantastic job .... and say hey to santa alex for me

my greatest gift is my kids thanks to them i get to play with toys
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Posted 9/6/2015 1:08:24 PM

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I guess I will just check in every 2 years! This site, and the were my internet homes for several years, (Bascially a facebook page just about batmobiles! But there was no facebook when all this got started! Quick StarCar update: Still driving the Jurassic park, super fun. The Shag v.2 is stripped and also fun to drive. I built a Marty McFly Truck that is for sale right now on EBAY. Had lots of Back to the Future adventures with it, but I need room so it's gotta go! Bought another KITT and it's almost redone so it's all sweet inside for a daily driver. Batmobile is next in line for some upgrades, maybe even a paint job as it has been through a lot since the start of all of this craziness! I have a short starcar wish list, Mach 5, Monkeemobile, but I am slowing down as time marches on! We will be in the Hollywood Christmas Parade again this year, doing lots of special appearances. working on getting a Tumbler in the parade, any new owners out there?

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Posted 2/21/2019 1:58:22 PM

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ok, every 4 years I'll update? Wow. I started reading this to find out what tires I used on my first build, and was about 20 pages in, then realized there were 74 pages! My first build was sold to France, and is driving around there. My 66 Bat is on display for now, so I'm building other stuff. Right now I'm finishing my 2nd A-Team van, (I need a little van icon version) season one version this time. Driving the Shaguar, Daughter took my Jurassic Park Explorer to college, (Another car icon needed!) Kitt is over at Alex's house for a redo on the dash and the Mach 5 and 1940's (the board needs a 40s icon!) bat are next in line. But I am starting another Keaton build - should I just add to this or start over? Just a couple more batmobiles and I'll be done. (my batcycle? That's at the Hollywood Museum, if you want to check it out!)

Pictures are sprinkled on Starcarcentral international on facebook, but I may want to start a new build for my #2 Keaton car here. Stay tuned, and play with your toys!

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