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Posted 1/13/2008 3:47:41 AM

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well, I can't remember what the backspacing is off the top of my head. It's been two yrs. since I put the rear tires and axle together. Ya, what I gave Tim (30") between rubber to rubber is correct, but I do remember that dim. off the top of my head. I do remember that I had to do a bit of digging and work to get the backspacing of the inner tires in conjuction with the axel width going into the the inner backspacing to sync up to coming up with the 30" from rubber to rubber. that would be measured from the fattest part of the inner tires. I will say that one critical thing about nailing the likeness in this car, is that if you start off with an error, that error could rear it's ugly head as you go farther down the road. i.e. lets say you put a space of 40" in between the rear tires. Now the rear exhaust doesn't fill up the space like the original. and you put the lower end of the coilovers at the same spot as the original, but now the angle of the coil overs is obviously wrong, worse is that the width of the outer tires is past the width of the rear air intakes, and the rear afterburner seems way too big if you place it size wise in proportion to the space inbetween the inner tires.

   The whole car from a likeness point of view is like a house of cards. make too big of a goof, or inaccurate perception, and as the car trancends dimentionally on down, the error can get amplified. That I knew early on as I am used to sculpting things from photos. The big problem is that any major goof, may not show itself until later on, then you could be faced with just living with it, or rebuilding half the thing. Even a slight shifting, or say 1/4" off in some part in the mold can cause problems because so many parts have to start in one area, then trancend 4, or 5 ft. on down, and connect to another piece in a very specific way. Take for example building the chassis. someones build could look very similar to the ones in the SE DVD, but if not actually in sync with the visual aspects of the body, it could force you to change some visual aspects just to make it work. The danger in this, as with re-creating any sort of likeness is relying too heavily on just linear measurements. There ARE curves in this car. As I read Nathan C. saying, put enough straight lines in a design, and you have curves.

  In re-reading this last paragraph, I don't if this makes any sense. let me try to sum it up: whenever I do a likeness, I get a mental picture of the piece firmly in my head, so that whatever area I am working on I am thinking of how that relates to the piece as a whole so I am not just going forward with some leap of faith as it were. In other words if I get some measurement from some source, I question whether or not it is true by thinking of the mental image of the piece as a whole. I dunno if that makes any more sense.

   Yes, I am gona do the new TDK suit. Possibly the batpod. ya, probaly will do the batpod.

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