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Posted 7/21/2006 12:05:49 PM

"Tardmonkey of the Year"

"Tardmonkey of the Year"

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I would imagine that MOST of the driving inside this car should be done with cameras and monitors.  I think that would look cooler, anyways!  Kinda like driving a parade float... 

Bob - how are you doing this?  Just looking at pictures and figuring things out as you go?  I would imagine you must have had access to some car along the way for measurements, yes?  Also, what are the panels made from?  Plastic?  Fiberglass?  Carbon fiber?  Metal?

Thanks for the updates!

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Posted 7/21/2006 12:50:48 PM

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No, I have never seen the actual car in person. Most of this is done from photo reference, some measurements. I've been doing sculptures from photo reference for almost 20 yrs, so This is just another sculpture. Bob C's 95 car was sculpted in this same garage, just from photo reference. There should be pics of the sculpt up on our site. Visual exactness is important to me. I'm very happy with the joinery of the body, everything is a tight fit. This car has absolutely no room for error. 1/4" error may as well be a 12" error. Organized chaos.

          I'm using a high-temp epoxy resin, with layers of carbon/kevlar combo, and some mat. Then each piece is baked in an oven(pic on the website) up to 300deg. it's even tough to drill through. also some steel on the body as well, armor plate kinda thing, look at the headlights shot(on the site), some bracketing. all has to be scratch built, and there's so damn much of it. Most difficult piece I've ever done - bar none.

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Posted 7/21/2006 1:54:53 PM

KITT For Now

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How are you making the panels?  Are you sculpting them from clay or foam then molding?  Just applying the materials over a base of foam?  However, it's freak'n AWESOME.
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Posted 7/22/2006 7:30:13 PM



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Way to go Bob and hey welcome back.  Hope we get to see more soon and the how toos also.  Sculpt pix like Bobby's would be cool to see. 

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