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Posted 9/18/2005 10:02:17 PM

Come to thin side

Come to thin sideCome to thin sideCome to thin sideCome to thin sideCome to thin sideCome to thin sideCome to thin sideCome to thin side

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Posted 9/19/2005 5:03:12 AM

Whose goin 4 a pint???

Whose goin 4 a pint???

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Made s'mores

DE 66 IS COMING........

Believe and succeed
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Posted 9/20/2005 9:16:11 AM

Useless Forum Member

Useless Forum Member

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Live life to the Max!
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Posted 9/24/2005 3:42:29 AM

Junior Member

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:mad what the hell!

I don't remember it because it wasn't in the movie (BATMAN '89) I remember Returns but I haven't watched it in 3 years. Although I am disillusioned because the penquin tampered with the Batmobile, he even did it in the Animated Series!!! I hate birds!:mad

BTW, I'm really tried of you guys saying stupid crap about me and ignoring my posts! Maybe if I pulled some money out of my butt and built a batmobile you would have more respect for me!

I've been a Batman fanatic since 1988, born 1983.
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Posted 9/24/2005 5:26:32 AM

Forum Guru

Forum Guru

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Oh, I Sooooo got this one.

The thing to do to avoid junk posting and crap comments, is to actually read the archive. The GTA mod was spoken about ages ago, as was the Mod for Midtown Madness 1. It's not new, it's an old topic, so it was ignored. You have over fifty posts of mostly crap dude, is it any wonder you are getting ignored. I even gave the site that the girl washing the car pic came from, then you asked where I got it from in the same topic.... please.

Secondly, if you are such a fanatic then only three years since you saw Returns and you don't remember the Batdiscs???? Hell, I haven't seen Gremlins 2 since it's first release.... but I can tell you that the Batman Logo appears when the mutated gremlin flies through the wall. How long was that ago???? and that was Batman related, not dedicated.

Your last comment that we should somehow respect you if you "pulled some money out of your butt and built a Batmobile" errrrrrrr..... NOPE!!!!!! There are people who own 89's who don't get the time of day here. So if you expect respect or worship from us, forget it buddy... with that attitude you're dreaming. Respect is given, when respect is earned. What can I say, Dumbasses get treated like Dumbasses, and Dumbasses get banned.

Y'all have a nice day now. Dumbass.

A little song, a little dance..... Batman's head on a lance.
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Posted 9/24/2005 12:05:46 PM

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The whole bat-disc thing was designed because Batman is kind to guard dogs.

When the batmobile crashes through a gate, the dobermans and German Shepherds come running and you use the frisbee launcher to send them running safely out of harms way. That's why you never see road-kill on the batmobile.

Ok... except for Smurfs

"Where does he get those wonderful toys?"
He MAKES them you idiot!
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Posted 9/24/2005 12:07:17 PM



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Posted 9/29/2005 11:20:47 AM

Forum Guru

Forum Guru

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A little song, a little dance..... Batman's head on a lance.
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Posted 9/29/2005 12:01:32 PM



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Posted 9/29/2005 4:37:28 PM

"Andy Smith is my Hero".

"Andy Smith is my Hero".

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I thought we welcomed everyone who was interested in the car,s.?:


END OF STORY? :confused



For me, I chanced upon this website by accident (Interested in THE CAR). It has taught me more than I could know (on my own), about building (or driving/stealing/hiring/photographing or wanting to see photos ) of the car for me!!!! (89 didn't you know).

I would never want to undermine ANYONE else's dream.

Respect to anyone who has this dream. D***head or not.
Who cares?:confused

For me personaly, it's all about wanting (& doing for a fortunate few) to drive the car.



Then I'm not impressed.

Who cares how it's done? Hire one? Build one? Own one?

Build it for you. Live the dream! !"
Respect for living YOUR life..
Let others do the same.

Sure get help, but build your own (that way it is YOUR OWN).
I seem to think this is what this website is all about.
Sorry if I'm wrong.

Please put me in my place Webmaster!

Chicks love the car?

SO DO I!!!!

"There is no end but the end is near!"
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