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Posted 7/19/2005 12:10:51 AM
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OK. As a new member of this forum I took it upon myself to read every thread an EVERY page on this site. After hours hunched over the computer like a vulture, eyes red from straining, I have finally absorbed it all. I posted earlier this week about wanting to use a Corvette as body for 89. After reading all the technical junk (and having talked to a sororiety friend of mine that has 3 girlfriends that want to ride in it) I have decided that a two seater is out. Being 24 and wanting to make it street legal and go cruising on the east coast near Myrtle Beach, I have decided that it REALLY needs that back seat. However I'm still wondering why some of the experts here say to use a Caprice or Impala?
1. I'm thinking of using an 80-85 Camaro. Figured I'd stick with the two door idea. Plus the suspension would already be better (more race like) then a old Buick Rivirea which someone recommended.
2. Wouldn't it still be easier to go with a two door car so that you get the short back end with the elongated front? If you get a 4 door then cockpit is in middle of the car's wheelbase and I would think it would screw up stance of vehicle.
3. Anyone know of a way to bybass the hydaulics that open the hatch encase the battery dies? I plan to make hatch remote open and it would suck if battery went dead sometime. I would love to have way to make it open remotely, manually, and be able to lock it somehow. I guess I could make hydraulics operate hatch then just have keyless entry locks installed. Wonder if I could even hide the spot to use key (mind went blank trying think of keyed part of lock lol) under the plate that is next to hatch on each side? Then I have remote entry, manual entry, remote locks, and manual locks. So I'm covered every direction.
4. Anyone know how to blend in some windshield wipers? Gonna need those if I drive it legally. Thinking of creating a lip at top of hatch that they rest in and you don't see them when they're not on. Figured it'd be better to have them at top and create an eyebrow appearance using hatch then put them at bottom of hatch where they will easily be seen no matter what. Any ideas?
5. Anyone have any idea what it runs to have the chassy extended? Not sure of mechanical term but basically want to extend just the wheels forward so that it has really long front end. Want it reinforced to so that car doesn't feel wobbily like a modified vette I rode in once. Felt like when you turned wheel slightly the whole car twisted like a pretzel.
6. Anyone know if it would be legal in USA to put headlights as low as the running lights are on all batmobile replicas I've seen? Otherwise I think I will go with fixed headlights in front slope with the dark lense covers you can get for any car. Would try to blend it all together and try to make it look like more armor plates or something I guess.
7. If anyone has cool ideas of stuff that can actually be done in real life and would like to see on a replica (I use term loosely so I don't get jumped because mine will be custom on inside with touchscreens and diagnostic program of true system running through laptop and shown on screens) please let me know. I plan on using lots of fiber optics on inside of "jet engine" at back to give it the burning fire look. If anyone has seen the christmas trees that the lights turn color on using fiber optics, same idea. Using red, orange, amber, and other hues with a disc that spins in front to LED's to make them sorta flicker like hot embers in jet engine. Gonna make it so that only few in center are lit to begin with then I'll either have "Thruster Control" that slides forward and widens the amount of LEDs glowing and flickering, or just find a way to tie it into speedometer somehow so that the faster I go the more lights come on and flicker. Ideas?
8. I've been reading book after book on using fiberglass, but not sure how it attaches to frame? Does it jsut bolt on? Do I have to create new skeleton for body to attach to? LOL. Do I need to buy a welder?
9. I plan on using the 3 roller system for the hatch. Should I plan to make slits in sides right at back of hatch to allow water that runs length of car to run into and out bottom of car? Otherwise will water just build up on top of car and run in when hatch is opened?
10. I plan to buy a 80-85 model Camaro as base. Then plan on dropping a new crate 350 small block and a brand new automatic tranny into it. Know it costs more then just rebuilding the existing engine but I don't want to spend all that money just to ahve engine give out two months after finishing car, that would suck. Ideas on this? I still plan on buying as many new parts as possible but always welcome criticism.
11. I read that epoxy resin is best to use so car doesn't warp. What about fabrics? I may not have term right but the book I'm reading claims that "E-glass" is cheapest and best to use for anything that might take a beating. I read that there's Kelvar, Carbon fiber, glass, mixtures of both... then they's chopped glass, standard weave, angle weave, thatchweave? Which do I want to use of each so that car doesn't buckle and break when I bust loose with the new 350? Like I told my cousin... you know you're gonna want to burn out one time in Batmobile. The important thing is for you not to leave body sitting while you take off. LOL
12. I'm sure I'll have more questions but promise to read any post before asking same questions that have been asked 100 times. You guys/girls rock.

P.S.- If I name it "Vengeance" and want to use it to show off my skills so I can start doing custom interiors and boats and such, am I safe using that name? I know I can't call it Batmobile. But was thinking of license tag "Vengeance1", then when I get my boat.. "Vengeance2"? As long as there's no emblems am I safe?
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Posted 7/19/2005 1:36:32 AM



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My head hurts.

The Camaro was a sub-frame car until the early 80s and the it became a unibody. Also Remember that the 89 has a wheelbase nearly 12 feet long. Thats longer then most cars. Measure the Camaro's wheelbase and the subtract it from 140" That's how much you will have to legthen it.

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Posted 7/19/2005 2:10:01 AM
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The camaro has a 107" wheelbase if I remember right. The caprice or impala only have a 112" so either way wheelbase will have to be extended. What would be benifit of a subframe vs. unibody? Sorry just learning about car mechanics. And yes I know that if I don't know much about car bodies I'll play hell making 89, but that's how I learn everything. I pick the biggest baddest project first. Then once I get it done it proves to myself, and everyone that talks shit to me for wanting to learn how to do something new, that I can do anything related to it at that point. I've got another question about the paint job. What does the "flip flop" paint look like that is discussed in one of the many threads in this forum? The thread talks about people cutting corners and doing things the cheap way. Somebody says not to paint 89 gloss black but instead to paint it "flip flop"? Been researching glasses and resins. Luckily someone has already said to stick with epoxy resin so no warping, but what about fibers? Chopped or woven? Yarn or roving? Plainweave or thatchweave? Just fiberglass or fiberglass/carbon weave? E-glass or S-glass?
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Posted 7/19/2005 4:14:54 AM
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Ok another question. What would be a good way... or just cool way.. for the license plate to be on back of car? I figure it needs to slide out from somewhere or pop up somehow. What if at bottom of the vents on trunk there was another piece of plate armor that flips up like the rear view mirrors do and that shows license plate? That way it kinda looks like a mini spoiler or something? I like that idea better then it just sticking up from somewhere, don't you guys?
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Posted 7/19/2005 4:22:57 AM

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Everyone's asleep right now...zzzzzzzzz
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Posted 7/19/2005 4:35:26 AM
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Anyone have a photo of what flip flop paint is? And know why it should be used (according to one of the guys that posts in forum often) over gloss black? I can't figure out what "flip flop" paint is or find any pictures of it on internet? Thanks.
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Posted 7/19/2005 6:26:17 AM

DH was once A mail order bride...............

DH was once A mail order bride...............

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Color changing paint, Holographic paint ,spectrum paint, chameleon paint, Flip Flop paint. All change appearance depending on light conditions and viewing angles.The only car I have seen painted this way was in Rosco IL.
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Posted 7/19/2005 2:53:26 PM

Resident CLTC

Resident CLTC

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You can't use a uni-body construction vehicle. Because there is no actual frame the body is part of the frame or structure.
House of Color first developed the special multicolored paint you see in so many custom cars today.

As far as the glass goes most are just blown with a chopper gun. Hand laid is much better; usually a thin cloth is used as a skin coat just over the jelcoat. Working up to a mat or woven mat Urethane foam and glass is best left up to the pro's or at least some one who has had experience in glass work, not for the first timers.

The Caprice and Impala's are much wider than the Camero or Monti Carlo's. You need to think how you are going to fill up those wheel wells. There is only so much of a spacer you can use before you have to change out the rear end.
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Posted 7/19/2005 3:47:36 PM

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Reality check.......

forget the camaro all together...........use a 81 cadillac formal limo which already has the correct 141" wheelbase....they're just as cheap as camaro's.

reality check #2 ..........sounds like you have plenty of ambition but no idea where to start...that's cool...we've all been there...if you really want to see this project come into reality in your lifetime...cool your jets and learn the basics...fiberglass, welding, fabricating, plastics, auto body, etc etc...then once you've mastered all that perhaps years from now you'll probably forget about this car altogether (unless your a die hard like a few of us on here)


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Posted 7/19/2005 6:13:11 PM

Resident CLTC

Resident CLTC

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Don; once again you are reading my mind. Don't waste your time worrying about the little stuff, cross that bridge when you get to it. This car isn't for the beginner, learn the basics and if you can enlist a few friends that have experience in each field.
Listen to these guys they know what they are talking about, most of them have been down many of a dead end road.
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