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Posted 7/17/2005 4:00:27 AM



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This is from Hoosier.

Friday's ARCA RE/MAX race was a lead-in event for Sunday's "Batman Begins 400" race where Batman gave the starting command. The caped crusader also led the field in a parade lap around the MIS track in the newly designed Batmobile. Like the ARCA cars, the Batmobile also rides on Hoosier tires. The car(s) for the recently released movie were built in England with tires supplied by Hoosier Tire UK. While the (front) tires are actually designed for sprint cars, they apparently are also great for fighting crime in Gotham City.

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Posted 7/17/2005 9:35:24 AM

Resident CLTC

Resident CLTC

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Hay Jack; does you base carry Hoosier tires, when I was stationed at Shaw the base gastation carried Hoosier.
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Posted 7/17/2005 10:13:30 AM



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I don't think so but I bet they can order them.

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