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Posted 11/18/2020 12:34:37 PM

What would Alfred say?

What would Alfred say?What would Alfred say?What would Alfred say?What would Alfred say?What would Alfred say?What would Alfred say?What would Alfred say?What would Alfred say?

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Ok guys, time to dig deep into those pockets...

I have a correct Plessey Ram Air Turbine (RAT), which was originally removed from Avro Vulcan #272. The generator section and the governing mechanism (to maintain the correct RAT RPM) have been removed to save weight. The variable inlet guide vanes rotate freely as does the turbine wheel. This unit has NO corrosion, and appears to be in a near new condition.

Note: the "drooped nose" nosecone is not a Vucan part and is not included. It was scavenged from another bomber...

This is the real deal, and it's a heavy!

PM me in interested. And if you have to ask how much - you can't afford it!!!

Bat-what?.....Na, it’s just an oversized badass big black car (with optional machine guns)
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