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Posted 6/23/2017 6:52:46 AM
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My original thread here:

Six Years Later! BUMP!!!!

haha I apologize for not posting anything in six years, but I do visit the site regularly
and dream about owning my own Batmobile.
[Not gonna way no how...but thats okay]

So I satisfy myself with my paper models.
And I have added many more to my collection, including more Batmobiles!

Let me update...
my KoolWheelz collection is a personal collection of Cars and Vehicles that have some importance or connection to me.
These are simple paper models that you download for free, print and assemble yourself.
A KoolWheelz model is stylized and oversimplified to be as few parts as possible
and all parts must fit on one Letter page/sheet (along with some other information, logos, photos of the finished model, etc)
Scale is not standard, but most models are 1/50-1/60.

I design and sell more complicated and accurate papermodels...mostly military vehicles and aircrcaft.
KoolWheelz are my fun entertainment and good bait for my website.

There are currently 96 models available to download, with more waiting for release.
Some are more difficult than others.
Almost all are one-sheet models.

I started with my favorite, the 89 Batmobile. And a little while after that, the Tumbler.
In response to special requests, I added a Batwing and the Animated Series car.

When reports of the upcoming Batman v Superman movie first appeared,
I worked from a handful of spy photos to design a somewhat innacurate and stylized model of the new "batmobile"?
(I've done this with a few movie cars, most recently the new Blade Runner Spinner car, since details don't exist yet.)
Even though its not screen accurate, its surprising how successful the BvS model has been.

The artwork on my original 89 car model was nice, but I was never happy with the very simplified boxy shape.
So last year, I decided to redo the 89 car
...since my design skills have improved, I decided to tackle a more complicated and more accurate design
while still keeping within the guidelines of a KoolWheelz model.

This also prompted me to redesign my Tumbler model and fix a few nagging details.

And that brings us to this year and the recent release of my simple 66 Batmobile.
I always said I had no interest in this car, but it seemed like the right time to add it to the set.
(moments before our beloved Adam West passed away...I hope theres no connection!)


All my Batman models in greater detail:

Other Photo Albums including various paper model subjects:

My complete KoolWheelz model collection on Pinterest:

Dave's Card Creations

Dave's Card Creations
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