All Good Things Must Come To An End

Dear Friends,
I started this website back in 2004 to share my enthusiam and interest for 1989 batmobile with others. Since then the site has grown and has become THE SOURCE for not just 1989 batmobile but all batmoiles alike.
Due to personal and financial problem, it is time for this website's ownership by me to end.
Thanks for your interest and support of this website. It's been a great 5 years.

This website has been sold.

Since the buyer has expressed no interest in taking the promotional materials for this site, I will offer them to any of you who would like a souvenir of our time together =) This sale will end whenever the owner transfers the site to his web host and puts his site up.

All images and photos uploaded to this site. There are about 90k+ images totaling at 7.3 GB. I will burn the images on dual layer DVD+R and ship via USPS Media Mail.
Cost: $999.99 + $.99 Shipping

Fully fixable 1989 Batmobile Kit with broken right tailwing. Kit comes with 2 gundoors and plastic replica of side mech and browning machine guns
Cost: $9999.99. First half of the payment needs to be made by paypal and rest is to be made in CASH only. Contact me via email and I will provide further instructions.

The buyer of this website wishes to turn this into adult oriented website. So please **do not bookmark this page** after today.

Thanks and may God bless you all in all your endeavors this year and onwards. is still up from grabs if anyone wishes to buy it.